User Guide

Using Rhodes 801 Printing Lab (CEAS Students Only)

  • Go to 
  • Click start now in the upper right hand of the page
  • Log on using the SSO tab. Enter University of Cincinnati into the school selection. 
  • Enter your UC credentials  (Restricted to CEAS faculty, students, and staff) 
  • Upload your 3D file (.STL, .3MF, or .STEP) into the system using the ADD FILES button under the Files menu.
  • Slice your part using the SLICE BUTTON located in the projects tab under the Files menu
    • Adjust the layer thickness, shell thickness and infill to the desired levels.  Or use the default settings which will work for the vast majority of cases. 
    • Determine whether or not you should click on the supports feature
      • Yes- If your part has overhang angles over 45° 
      • Yes- if your part has complex, intricate, or detailed features (e.g. Features that extend away from the main body, extruded text, shells, cantilevers, and floating structures) 
      • No- if your part does not fit the above descriptions. Then do not click on supports feature
    • Click SLICE
  • Click the PRINT button
    • Select your desired printer (see printer description for material information) If the printer icon is green, the printer is available, and your print will immediately start when the PRINT BUTTON is pressed. If the printer icon is yellow the printer is in use and your part will be added to the queue for future processing when you press the QUEUE BUTTON.
  • Select the printer's menu to view the current status of your print job (by the printer) 
  • Got a class code? On the printer’s menu click the 3-dot icon on the top right of the page to add your classes workgroup printers!

Note: If you need material, are missing a class code, or need any other assistance. Email us at