The AMCC has a range of microscopes available for your characterization needs. The TEM and SEM provide the ability to image objects from 5nm-5cm.  If the material is sensitive to damage from the electron beams or 3D visualization is desired, then our AFM can provide these details. The AMCC also houses X-ray diffractometers to analyze crystal structures and light scattering instruments to study size distribution.

Scanning Electron Microscope/Focused Ion Beam

The SCIOS Dual-Beam Scanning Electron Microscope/ Focused Ion Beam is a powerful research tool which allows for high resolution imaging as well as sample sectioning. Some of the features include:

  • Imaging Detectors: In-lens (T1, T2), CBS/ABS (Backscatter), ETD (Secondary), STEM w/ HAADF
  • FIB milling with Gallium LMIS
  • Platinum Deposition
  • Easy-Lift Needle Manipulator for TEM lammelas
  • EDX Elemental Analysis to indentify which elements are present in the sample
  • EBSD for grain orientation mapping (3D available)
  • Nability E-Beam Lithography

Scanning Electron Microscope (Low-Vac)

The FEI Apreo provides high resolution imaging for both conductive and non-conductive samples (in Low-Vac mode). The Apreo is equipted with an EDAX elemental analysis detector to provide compositional information of samples.

Transmission Electron Microscope

Talos F200i (Thermofisher)

  • 200Kv Field Emission gun
  • STEM 
  • HAADF 
  • EDS

X-Ray Diffractometer: Rigaku Smartlab XRD

  • Tube type: Cu with long line focus (wavelength = 1.54056 A)
  • Jade analysis suite with ICDD PDF 4 database
  • Normal Operating Power 45kV, 40mA

X-Ray Diffractometer: Analysis Software

MDI’s Jade is a full quantification program for X-Ray Diffraction data. Access over 300,000 known phases in the accompanying ICDD diffraction database to correctly identify unknown material.  Utilize the built-in whole pattern fitting functionality to quantify compound components, observe and manipulate data with ease, and prepare reports with a variety of graphical options.

Thermal Analysis

TGA 550 (TA Instruments)

  • Temp range: RT-800C

DSC D2500 (TA Instruments)

  • Temp range: -90-550C
  • Modulated DSC available

Rheometer HR-20 (TA Instruments)

  • DMA attachment available

Coming soon

TEM with STEM/EDS capabilities (Thermofisher Talos)