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Building Energy Assessment and Solutions and Technologies Lab

The Building Energy Assessment and Solutions and Technologies (BEAST) is a multidisciplinary research center focusing on building energy solutions and smart building technologies. BEAST is committed to advance the design and operation of building energy systems through smart technologies, integrated energy solutions, whole-system performance optimization, innovative modeling techniques, optimization oriented energy assessment, and modern computational intelligence and advanced data analysis techniques.

Our Mission

  • Conduct applied & basic energy research
  • Provide Energy Solutions Services
  • Conduct outreach activities that promote energy efficiency activities in the community.
  • Provide training on building energy efficiency

Research Goals

  • Advance the design and operation of building energy systems.
  • Create and test novel and practical energy solutions.
  • Develop New modeling techniques for new and existing buildings.

Research focus includes

  • Energy efficiency and technologies in buildings
  • Modeling, analysis, optimization and control of HVAC Systems
  • Sustainable built environment, artificial intelligence applications and smart capabilities in building energy systems,
  • Fault detection and diagnosis of cooling and heating energy systems
  • Building mechanical systems and refrigeration systems
  • Continuous and retro-commissioning of HVAC systems
  • Renewable energy and thermal energy storage


Headshot of Nabil Nassif

Nabil Nassif

Associate Professor, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

799 Rhodes Hall