About the Center for Robotics Research

The UC Center for Robotics Research is an interdisciplinary center in the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. The scientific research and engineering practice in the Center include the design and analysis of both stationary and mobile robotic systems, robot vision and sensory based controls, robot programming, work cell interfacing, human/machine interfacing, and robotic applications to industry, environmental problems, medical devices, defense systems, and our everyday lives.


The UC Center for Robotics Research was established in the department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering by the Board of Trustees in 1983 to provide a focal point for the community in the growing field of robotics. Dr. Ernest L. Hall, Paul E. Geier Professor of Robotics, was the first director of the Center. Currently the Center is in the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering with Dr. Janet Jiaxiang Dong as the director. 


The research objectives of the Center include new robot designs, robot kinematics and dynamics, robot vision and navigation, designing control structures for robot systems and manufacturing systems, artificial intelligence systems such as expert systems, neural networks and fuzzy logic for robotics applications, computer architectures, and applications for automated and man/machine cells/systems. Robotic applications include a variety of automated assembly systems, material handling systems, manufacturing processing systems, rehabilitation robotic devices, autonomous vehicles, intelligent systems, and space systems. The goal of the Center is to develop robotic prototype systems/machines/devices which may be licensed to industry or which can be patented, and to develop software and integration solutions to solve practical problems. 


The teaching function accomplished by the Center include offering senior and graduate courses in Robot fundamentals, Robot design and control, Intelligent systems theory, Robot vision, and Artificial intelligence. The Center also provide advanced training for seniors to pursue Robotics and Automation minor and for graduate students to pursue Master of Engineering Degree in Robotics and Intelligent Autonomous Systems (RIAS track).


The service function of the Center includes providing demonstrations to Cincinnati public school students with robotics technologies and robotic projects, expert witness testimony, consultation for industry and government facilities, and publications.