The UC BattbleBot team is a multidisciplinary team with students majoring in Aerospace engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Mechanical engineering technology, Business, and pre-pharmacy. The goal of the team is to design and build a BattleBot that able to compete in combat in an enclosed arena. The task of a BattleBot is to deal as much damage to its opponent while withstanding any damage dealt to. The design and battle of the BattleBot must conform to the competition rules while also being constrained by a weight limit. The BattleBot team at the University of Cincinnati have been competing since 2008, and with the BattleBot weights ranging from 15lb to 220 lb. They compete either locally at Wright State University or nationally at RoboGame in California in April each year. The students applied their knowledge and skills learned from their major to mechanical design, finite element analysis, electrical circuits, and design for assembly of robot. Students get the opportunity to work hands on to building robots. The skills students gain in the team environment help them grow professionally and personally while providing useful experiences for their future careers.