Altamira teaming with CYBER

Cyber investments are shifting towards Altamira and we are positioned to deploy advanced detection and analytic capabilities to address cyber incidents in near real time. The need to not only address but to “bake-in” cyber solutions into all facets of information technology is a necessity Altamira embraces. The advent of community-wide clouds will only become reality when trust in data and trust in data security reach a tipping point resulting in broad-based adoption of these next generation capabilities.

Altamira is at the heart of this challenge performing ground-breaking R&D and providing mission critical services to aid our country’s cyber defense, to include:

  • Support to information operations
  • Large-scale streaming analytics
  • Atomic-level security
  • Advanced penetration testing

Future cyber vision: A community cloud that provides end-to-end security factoring in biometrics, context awareness, trusted concepts and atomic-level policy decisions

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Student Chapter

Students of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) are on a mission to bring new energy and focus to the UC Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) student chapter. ACM is one of the oldest and largest scientific and educational computing societies. As a national organization, ACM sponsors many computing events, such as the International Collegiate Programming Competition, and has sponsored other events like the famous chess match between Garry Kasparov and the IBM supercomputer "Deep Blue". ACM is organized into over 170 local chapters, 35 special interest groups, and over 500 collegiate chapters.

As an inclusive organization for all computing and technology majors, the chapter strives to bring quality events related to computing to the University and College.  The ACM chapter also serves to provide assistance in any way possible to student members. The organization has held several events, such as a Linux Installfest and the ICPC, Innov8 UC, and are planning more.

Each event and activity is unique in its own way and showcases the mission. For more information:

World Bank

The University of Cincinnati is currently partnering with the World Bank's Procurement Office and Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) to fight corruption, collusion, and fraud. In pursuing its mission to promote development and reduce poverty, the World Bank Group strives to ensure that Banks funds are used for their intended purpose.  The Bank Group has charged INT with the responsibility for investigating fraud and corruption in Bank Group-supported operations or activities.  The Bank Group has also charged INT with the responsibility for investigating allegations of potential misconduct against Bank Group staff.  INT assists in preventative efforts to protect Bank Group funds as well as those funds entrusted to the Bank Group from misuse and to deter fraud and corruption in Bank Group-supported operations or activities.

The Trustworthy Data Engineering Laboratory (TRUST Lab) at the University of Cincinnati is helping to fight corruption, collusion, and fraud by researching and developing new algorithms, methods, and tools to identify and disambiguate large data stores, derive insight through the use of machine learning and data science from these stores, and provide expert systems to aid human investigators in the fight against cybercrime in international procurement.