Polyjet Printers (Connex 260)

NIST Test Piece

NIST Test Piece

Pictured to the right is the NIST model printed from our very own Connex 260 polyjet printer. It passed all specs for the NIST model EXCEPT for these features...

  • Pin Extrusion - Pins must be >1.5 mm in diameter  
  • Hole Cut - Holes must be >0.5 mm in diameter  


Wall Thickness and Beam Test

Wall Thickness and Beam Test

This print to the right is demonstrating the capabilities of the polyjet printer to help further understand the limits of wall thickness and beam strength of the polyjet machine.

  • Wall Thickness - Smallest wall thickness is 0.02 inches
  • Beam Strength - Smallest beam thickness is 0.01 inches (MUST BE CONNECT AT BOTH SIDES + ALSO VERY FLIMSY AND CAN BREAK DURING POST PROCESSING)
Polyjet Font Accuracy

Polyjet Font Accuracy

Here to the right we have a print demonstrating the accuracy of font size (in bold) that can be printed on the Connex 260 here at the Digital Fabrication Lab.We reccommend a size 8 font be the smallest font size that our printers can print legibly for both cuts and extrusions when printing on this machine.  

Additional Polyjet Limitations

Pin Size

  • 1:1 press fit works, but can break under thin wall conditions
  • Leave at least 0.015” of tolerance room for complex geometries for easier fitting

Printing Screws/ Screw Holes

Printing with Overhangs

  • Can handle most overhangs and inner geometries due to support