Professional FDM Printers



Pictured to the right is the NIST model printed from our very own Dimension Professional FDM printer. It passed all specs for the NIST model, EXCEPT for these features...

  • Pin Extrusion - Pins must be >0.5 mm in diameter
  • Hole Cut - Holes must be >1 mm in diameter
  • Line Spacing -  Space between extrusions must be >1 mm  
Wall Thickness and Beam Test

Wall Thickness and Beam Test

Here we have a print demonstrating the capabilities of the FDM printer to help understand the capabilities for wall thickness and beam strength.

  • Wall Thickness - The smallest wall thickness the printer can provide with strength is 0.05" inches, and the smallest distance between two walls was 0.3" inches. Any smaller distance between walls and they pretty much melt together to form one wall.
  • Beam Strength -  The 0.1" inch beam was the smallest one printed and came out successfully. HOWEVER, this beam was not sturdy and has a possibility to break under pressure.
FDM Font Accuracy

FDM Font Accuracy

Here to the right you can see the accuracy of font sizes that can be printed on the professional FDM machines here at the Digital Fabrication lab. 

We recommend a 14 font bold for cuts and a 12 font bold for extrusions for the smallest fonts you can create on our professional FDM printers.

Additional FDM Printer Capabilities (Dimensions)

Pin Size

  • 1:1 press fit works, but can break under thin wall conditions
  • 1:1.1 press fit works better

Printing Screws/ Screw Holes

Printing with Overhang

  • Can handle most overhangs and inner geometries due to soluble support