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Asst Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

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Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
August 2018 - present
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
University of Cincinnati
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PhD, The Ohio State University Columbus, OH, 2018 (Mechanical Engineering)

MS, The Ohio State University Columbus, OH, 2016 (Mechanical Engineering)

BS, The Ohio State University Columbus, OH, 2013 (Mechanical Engineering)

Peer Reviewed Publications

T. M. McCormick, S. J. Watzman, J. P. Heremans, N. Trivedi (2018. )Fermi arc mediated entropy transport in topological semimetals .Physical Review B, ,97 ,195152

S. J. Watzman, T. M. McCormick, C. Shekhar, S.-C. Wu, Y. Sun, A. Prakash, C. Felser, N. Trivedi, J. P. Heremans (2018. )Dirac dispersion generates unusually large Nernst effect in Weyl semimetals .Physical Review B, ,97 (16 ),161404

C. Fu, S. N. Guin, S. J. Watzman, G. Li, E. Liu, N. Kumar, V. Süß, W. Schnelle, G. Auffermann, C. Shekhar, Y. Sun, J. Gooth, C. Felser (2018. )Large Nernst power factor over a broad temperature range in polycrystalline Weyl semimetal NbP .Energy & Environmental Science, ,11 ,2813

K. Vandaele, S. J. Watzman, B. Flebus, A. Prakash, Y. Zheng, S. R. Boona, J. P. Heremans (2017. )Thermal spin transport and energy conversion .Materials Today Physics, ,1 ,39

U. Stockert, R. D. dos Reis, M. O. Ajeesh, S. J. Watzman, M. Schmidt, C. Shekhar, J. P. Heremans, C. Felser, M. Baenitz, M. Nicklas (2017. )Thermopower and thermal conductivity in the Weyl semimetal NbP .Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, ,29 (32 ),

S. J. Watzman, R. A. Duine, Y. Tserkovnyak, S. R. Boona, H. Jin, A. Prakash, Y. Zheng, J. P. Heremans (2016. )Magnon-drag thermopower and Nernst coefficient in Fe, Co, and Ni .Physical Review B, ,94 (14 ),144407

S. R. Boona, S. J. Watzman, J. P. Heremans (2016. )Research update: utilizing magnetization dynamics in solid-state thermal energy conversion .Applied Physics Letters Materials, ,4 (10 ),104502

Other Publications

J. P. Heremans, H. Jin, Y. Zheng, S. J. Watzman, A. Prakash (2016. )BiSb and spin-related thermoelectric phenomena .SPIE Tri-Technology Device Refrigeration, 9821 ,982101

Invited Presentations

S. J. Watzman (10-26-2017. )Magnon Drag as a Pathway to High-Efficiency Thermoelectric Metals .Society of Women Engineers Annual Conference, Graduate Rapid Fire Research Competition, Austin, Texas.

S. J. Watzman (01-20-2017. )Magnon Drag as a Pathway to High-Efficiency Thermoelectric Metals .Univeristy of Cincinnati Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar,

S. J. Watzman (07-2016. )Thermoelectrics Research in the Thermal Materials Laboratory .International Thermoelectrics Summer School, Golden, Colorado.


S. J. Watzman(09-20-2018).Thermomagnetic Transport in Topological Weyl Semimetals . University of Cincinnati Department of Physics Fenichel Colloquium,

S. J. Watzman(10-11-2017).Berry Curvature-Induced Huge Anomalous Nernst Effect in the Absence of Magnetic Field in the Time-Reversal Symmetry-Breaking Weyl Semimetal YbMnBi2 . University of Dayton Academic Research Colloquium, Dayton, Ohio.

Honors and Awards

08-2013 -05-2018 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

10-2017 2nd Place Graduate Rapid Fire Research Competition Society of Women Engineers

10-2017 Outstanding Collegiate Member Society of Women Engineers

08-2013 -05-2017 Graduate Fellowship The Ohio State University

08-2016 -12-2016 FAST (Future Academic Scholar Training) Fellowship Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The Ohio State University

05-2016 Best Student Poster The Ohio State University Materials Week

04-2013 Rob Wolf Oustanding Senior Award Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The Ohio State University

04-2013 Oustanding Undergraduate Research Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineeirng, The Ohio State University

04-2013 3rd Place in Engineering Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, The Ohio State University

02-2013 Oustanding Performance Award Battelle Memorial Institute

02-2011 Leadership Award Women in Engineering Program, The Ohio State University


Society of Women Engineers Board Member 07-2016 -06-2017

Society of Women Engineers (Senate )07-2017 -06-2018

Positions and Work Experience

09-2010 -06-2012 Teaching Assistant, Worked in the Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors Program, aiding first-year students with in-class assignments and weekly laboratory experiments. Graded daily assignments and lab reports, facilitated comprehensive review sessions prior to exams, and contributed to curriculum development plans., The Ohio State University,

06-2011 -09-2011 Manufacturing Intern, Worked in the gas turbine manufacturing plant. Qualified a pipe pickling process and applied root cause analysis to a turbine test run., GE Energy, Greenville, South Carolina

07-2012 -06-2013 Energy Systems Intern, Prepared literature review for a dish-Stirling solar thermal energy generator proposal and analyzed cost of system. Edited controls code for and oversaw test runs of fuel cell designed to run with JP8., Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio

08-2012 -05-2013 Undergraduate Research Assistant, Designed, built, and tested a customized solar thermoelectric generator as part of an undergraduate honors thesis in the Thermal Materials Laboratory., The Ohio State University,

08-2013 -05-2018 Graduate Research Fellow, Dissertation research in the Thermal Materials Laboratory characterizing coupled thermal, electrical, and magnetic transport in unconventional thermoelectric materials including ferromagnetic transition metals and topological Weyl semimetals., The Ohio State University,

04-2017 -09-2017 Visiting Researcher, Implemented a customized Nernst effect measurement system with a Physical Property Measurement System, training researchers to utilize the system and associated controls code. Characterized thermomagnetic transport in YbMnBi2 for Berry curvature effects., Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, Germany

08-2018 -To Present Assistant Professor, Principal investigator of the Energy Conversion Materials Laboratory, studying coupled thermal, electrical, and magnetic transport in solid-state materials. Focusing on unconventional thermoelectric transport including effects of magnetism, Berry curvature, and geometry on thermal-to-electrical transport for waste-heat recovery and solid-state cooling applications., University of Cincinnati,

Research and Practice Interests

  • thermoelectric transport
  • thermomagnetic transport
  • thermal energy conversion
  • topological materials
  • materials/devices for energy conversion

Professional Affiliation

10-2009 -To Present: Member Society of Women Engineers,

11-2013 -To Present: Member American Physical Society,

06-2014 -To Present: Member Materials Research Society,

01-2016 -01-2017: Member American Society for Engineering Education,

07-2014 -07-2015: Member International Thermoelectric Society,

2017 -To Present: Reviewer Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter,

2018 -To Present: Reviewer ASME Journal of Heat Transfer,

Patents and Inventions

62/570,782 Thermoelectric Device Using Weyl Semimetal J. P. Heremans, S. J. Watzman, N. Trivedi, T. M. McCormick, C. Felser, Filed

Contact Information

Phone: 513-556-2960

Current Members

The Energy Conversion Materials Laboratory is currently recruiting researchers!  Students pursuing their PhD, MS, or BS in mechanical or materials engineering at UC are encouraged to email Dr. Watzman (please attach your CV or resume).