Thesis and Dissertation Advisees


  • Mina Jafari (in progress)
  • Vishnu Sriram (in progress)
  • Yao Ma (in progress)
  • Can Li (in progress)
  • Zhouyang Liu (graduated in 2017; Dissertation Title: Heterogeneous Catalytic Elemental Mercury Oxidation in Coal Combustion Flue Gas; current placement: Merichem Company)
  • Zilan Zhou (graduated in 2017; Dissertation Title: Engineered Nanoparticles for Targeted and Controlled Drug Delivery, current placement: Shenzhen Neptunus Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Research Institute in China)
  • Jinsoo Kim (graduated in 2014; Dissertation Title: Effects of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon, pH, and Light on Growth and Lipid Accumulation in Microalgae; current placement: Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology in Korea)
  • Lei Cheng (graduated in 2013; co-advisor, Dissertation Title: CO2 Separation from Coal-Fired Power Plants by Regenerable Mg(OH)2 Solutions; current placement: Global Energy)
  • Xin Li (graduated in 2012; Dissertation Title: Mercury Oxidation and Adsorption over Cupric Chloride-Based Catalysts and Sorbents for Mercury Emissions Control; current placement: Process Systems Enterprise)


  • Vishnu Sriram (graduated in 2017; Thesis Title: Study of Reaction Kinetics of Elemental Mercury Vapor Oxidation; current placement: PhD at UC)
  • Carly Kennell (graduated in 2016; Thesis Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Co-Delivery Nanoparticles for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatment; current placement: Proctor & Gamble)
  • Apurva Badkas (graduated in 2014; Thesis Title: Modified Antibody for Targeted Drug Delivery and Reduced Immunogenicity; current placement: MS in systems biology at University of Luxembourg)
  • Zhouyang Liu (graduated in 2012; Thesis Title: Nitrogen Removal and Lipid Production from Secondary Wastewater Using Green Alga Chlorella vulgaris; current placement: PhD at UC)
  • Hari Bharadwaj (graduated in 2012; Thesis Title: CO2 Separation Using Regenerable Magnesium Hydroxide Solution; current placement: Trinity Consultants)
  • Emily Smith (graduated in 2012; Thesis Title: Conjugation of Anti-HER2 Monoclonal Antibody onto a PLGA-PEG Nanoparticles; current placement: Michelman, Inc.)
  • Bala Lingaraju (graduated in 2011; Thesis Title: Removal of Nitrogen from Wastewater Using Microalgae; current placement: UOP/Honeywell)