UC Simulation Center Students
Name Degree Program Organization
Isteaque Ahmed PhD Chemical Engineering  P&G
Omar Alsayad MS Computer Science ECI
Elizabeth Bach BS Computer Science Engineering P&G
Bailey Bauman BS Aerospace Engineering P&G
Youssef Belyazid MS Business Analytics  P&G
Shivam Bindal MS Business Analytics P&G
Parker Booth BS Business Administration, Marketing and International Business P&G
Bennett Breese PhD Aerospace Engineering P&G
Nicholas Browning BS Biomedical Engineering P&G
Zhi Cao PhD Statistics P&G
Gabriela Careaga-Lopex BA Bachelor of Business Administration, Majoring in International Business and International Marketing, P&G
Aurek Chattopadhyay PhD Computer Science ECI
Natalie Coughlin BS Biomedical Engineering P&G
Madison Coyne BS Aerospace Engineering P&G
Sophia Cunningham BA Business Administration P&G
Bipulkumar Das PhD Statistics P&G
Ashan Dayananda PhD Chemistry P&G
Aditya Deshpande PhD Mechanical Engineering P&G
Sayantan Dey PhD Computer Science and Engineering P&G
Bharadwaj Dogga MS Aerospace Engineering P&G
Mario Eid BS Computer Science Engineering P&G
Hunter Herkso-Fugitt   Computer Science ECI
Nishil Faldu BS Computer Science P&G
Yasan Fonseka PhD Biochemistry P&G
Purva Gaikwad MS Computer Science Engineering P&G
Prayag Gore MS Mechanical Engineering P&G
Tony Gu PhD Statistics P&G
Hemanth Gudaparthi PhD Computer Science P&G
Shaoni Gupta MS Business Analytics P&G
Michaela Hopkins BS Biomedical Engineering P&G
Prithvi Jami MS Computer Science ECI
Wei Jia MS Statistics P&G
Vedangini Kala MS Business Analytics P&G
Amish Kapoor MS Business Analytics P&G
Sayali Kedari  PhD Mechanical Engineering P&G
Hunter Kasparian BS Chemical Engineering P&G
Krishna Kenja PhD Mechanical Engineering P&G
Matthew Klich PhD Computer Science P&G
Justin Kros BS Chemical Engineering P&G
Mitra Ramarishna Lanka  PhD Aerospace Engineering P&G
Qinan Li, PhD Mechanical Engineering P&G
Rachel Lindquist     BS Computer Science P&G
Daniel Moster BS Mechanical Engineering P&G
Chloe Muncy MS Computer Science ECI
Chaitanya Nanda PhD Mechanical Engineering P&G
Neeraj Narendran MS Mechanical Engineering  P&G
Akshay Nitturkar MS Business Analytics P&G
Jacob Phillips BS Mechanical Engineering P&G
Shivanjali Ranashing PhD Computer Science of Engineering P&G
Prachi Rathod MS Computer Science P&G
Ashutosh Roy  MS Mechanical Engineering P&G
Sourabh Shende MS Mechanical Engineering P&G
Ali Shojaee MS Computer Science Engineering P&G
Sabrina Shrestha BS Aerospace Engineering P&G
Shahin Siahpour PhD Mechanical Engineering P&G
Elizabeth Soper BS Chemical Engineering P&G
Shivchander Sudalairaj MS Computer Science P&G
Yamini Tawde MS Business Analytics P&G
Shivangi Tyagi MS Business Analytics P&G
Tavisha MS Business Analytics P&G
Thomas Waterkotte PhD Chemical Engineering P&G
Tzu-Chun Wu PhD Math and Statistics P&G
Yuan Yuan PhD Statistics P&G
Dalei Xi PhD Mechanical Engineering P&G
Xiaolin Yang PhD Computer Science P&G
Haichao Zhang PhD Mathematical Science and Statistics P&G
Jieyan Zhang PhD Mathematical Science & Statistics P&G