Research Labs and Facilities


Schools within the College of Engineering and Applied Science maintain a number of research laboratories. In addition, there are many organized, interdisciplinary research centers and institutes within the College. Information on these can be accessed by clicking the links below.


Research Foci

  • Energy
  • Sustainability
  • Intelligent Autonomous Systems
  • Aerospace Propulsion Systems
  • Nanomedicine

Research Labs & Facilities

Research Labs

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical and Materials Engineering

  • Adsorption and Ion Exchange Laboratory
  • Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Laboratories
  • Materials Design and Catalysts Group
  • Advanced Composites and Electronic Ceramics Laboratory
  • Superconducting Materials Processing and Characterization Laboratory
  • Silicon Based Materials Research Laboratory
  • Membrane Science & Technology Lab (CHEM)
  • Membranes Lab (CHEM)
  • Separations Lab (CHEM)
  • Biotechnology & Biotreatment Lab (CHEM)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Biofilm Research Laboratories
  • Science and Technology Enhancement Program (STEP)
  • Water Quality Biotechnology Program
  • Energy and Environmental Laboratory
  • Multi-scale Environmental Modeling Lab
  • University of Cincinnati Large Scale Test Facility (UCLSTF)
  • Sustainable Urban Engineering
  • Environmental Hydraulics Lab (ENVTL)

Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Mechanical Engineering