Biomedical Engineering

Regenerative Medicine

Strong, Lasting Tissues: Merging Developmental Biology and Tissue Engineering

Dr. David Butler's recent research explores the merging of biomechanics and tissue engineering in an effort to develop successful clinical therapies for regenerative medicine.

Promising Research in Diabetic Care: Vascular Tissue and Cellular Engineering

Dr. Daria Narmoneva's lab aims to better understand the mechanisms of capillary formation and to develop new strategies for inducing rapid angiogenic response and long-term survival of human capillary cells--research that can greatly improve how we treat diabetes patients.

Active after Injury: Understanding How Orthopedic Tissues Heal

Dr. Jason Shearn and his group are working to better understand and improve treatment for ligament and tendon injuries--to reduce pain, restore function, and prevent long-term abnormalities.

By the Numbers: Statistical Methodologies in Bioinformatics

A respected leader in his field, Dr. Marepalli Rao focuses on what is often referred to as biostatistics: applying statistics to a variety of topics in biology. With dual appointments in the College of Medicine’s environmental health department and the College of Engi- neering’s biomedical engineering department, he combines mathematical statistics with public health. 

Neuroinformatics: Using Computers to Model the Brain

Dr. Jeff Johnson and colleagues are working to improve our understanding of the brain in both humans and animals, by creating computational models of 1.) animal learning and be- havior and 2.) Parkinsons’ disease.

Medical Devices

Sharp Thinking at UC: Designing Innovative Medical Devices

Professor Mary Beth Privitera uses her DAAP Design background to design innovative medical devices that are safer and more effective.

Innovative Student Projects: Modeling and designing for orthopedic purposes

Dr. Nistor’s research largely focuses on finding new, minimally-invasive surgical devices and techniques to simplify reconstructive surgery, and ultimately, promote better patient out- comes. He is working with several graduate students—Jacob Stegman, Gaurav Patil, and Alex Bell—on projects to customize hip replacement, to use robotically-controlled ear surgery, and to aid in tissue engineering of the middle ear.

Medical Imaging

Sound Science: Improving Non-Invasive Cancer Therapy with Ultrasound

UC's Biomedical Acoustics lab, led by Dr. Douglas Mast, is working on ultrasound imaging to better guide and predict thermal ablation-induced cell death in cancer patients.