Civil Engineering

Architectural Engineering (AE)

This program takes the form of a civil degree with a structural background. Majors learn about the links between design and construction.  Course work covers building materials and construction methods, teaching students how to design heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems for buildings, while making sure the building structure is still pleasing to the eye.

Civil Engineering (CE)

The CE program has two main research thrust areas. One is infrastructure design which covers basic analysis and design of infrastructure elements. The other thrust area is infrastructure system which covers basic analysis and design of systems which support the infrastructure.

Construction Management Program (CM)

The Construction Management (CM) Program leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree. It is a comprehensive five year cooperative education program aimed at developing managers who have strong understanding of technical and management principles and their application to today's complexconstruction projects. The curriculum is based on a DESIGN-CONSTRUCT-MAINTAIN continuum. The program is accredited by the American Council on Construction Education.