Robotics Team

The UC Robotics Team is one of UC's academic intercollegiate teams, which means that we are a student organization that competes in robotics competitions as one of our main functions. Our team is open to undergraduate and graduate students of all year, levels, and majors (engineering or non), and interested students are welcome to attend one of our meetings to check us out (they are held Wednesdays at 7:15pm in Baldwin 551). Our main competition has historically been the IGVC (Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition), so we deal a lot with computer vision and autonomous ground vehicles. We also have a radio controlled t-shirt cannon that you have probably seen if you have been to a recent football or basketball game. If any of these projects or research areas sound interesting to you, you should come join us for one of our weekly meetings! There are many advantages to being on the team, such as increased opportunities for obtaining co-op and full time jobs, experiences to put on your resume, and a fun extracurricular involvement experience.

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Slack is the team's chat and communications platform. If you have an account, you can access slack here. If you want to create an account, please click here.

Campus Link

Campus Link is the way that the Robotics Team interfaces with Student Activites Leadership and Development (SALD). In order to be considered a member of the Robotics team, you must join our organazation on Campus Link. You can also find our constitution and bylaws here.


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t-shirt cannon