Lauren Hellman, Kevin Marcotte, Walt Lubbers, Matt Puhalla (DAAP)

To develop a system of providing an emergent or semi-emergent airway. This system will be designed with cost considerations competitive to current technologies with the overall goal of improving the safety, efficacy and time required to intubate


Nicholer Ray, Anthony Baurichter, Joe Sedgewick, Chris Hursady (DAAP)

This team concentrated on designing a device that focused on repairing aneurysms of the aorta that extend to the renal arteries. They developed a graft that creates a seal to prevent blood from leaking.

AtriCure Cardiac Temperature Monitoring

Sofia Szari, Jill Collet, Will Dannahar

The ACTS team worked closely with AtriCure Inc to develop a device that aided in the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Part of the process is actually burning the cardiac tissue using a bipolar device known as the Transpolar® Pen. By monitoring temperature during the procedure, they could provide valuable information about the lesion created and help improve patient safety.

Laser Guide II

Ashley Mahler, Karey Kraemer, Chris Allen, Emily Reichart

This team wanted to create a device that gave radiologists an accurate method of guiding a biopsy needle and safely removing the sample needed while reducing patient discomfort.