Product Development

Disposable Shrink to Fit Inelastic Compression Device for Treatment of Venous Stasis Ulcers

Develop an easy to use device for the lower extremities that is permeable, and serves as a better alternative to Unna’s boot.

Adjustable Stiffness Catheter for Crossing Total Iliac Occlusions

Develop a device capable of transversing both iliac arteries without damage to aorta

Improved Technology for Performing a Spinal Tap

Develop a device for use in lesser developed areas to retrieve cerebral spinal fluid

Sutureless Laparoscopy: development of expandable port

Develop a method of expanding a 5mm port to accommodate larger laparoscopic devices.

Access tool (trocar) for single port laparoscopy

Develop a trocar and cannula system which accommodates up to 3 laparoscopic devices to enter the abdomen through one incision

Expandable cannula for interventional therapies

Develop a catheter introducer which accommodates varying sizes of catheters without the need for over the wire exchanges

Multi -life sustaining ventilator

Develop a system that can support an airway for more than one being for use in mass casualty situations or in scientific research

Redefining the hospital gown to prevent ulcers: LiveWell Collaborative & HillRom, Inc.

Develop new patient garments which accommodate the needs of physicians, the privacy of patients and protects their overall health


Tissue Cutting

Dr. Bala Haridas

Pelvic Floor

Dr. Bala Haridas

Predictive Tissue Modeling

Dr. Bala Haridas

Cell Migration

Dr. Daria Narmenova

Human Factors in Interventional Radiology

Prof. Mary Beth Privitera