Graduate Secondary Engineering Education (SEE) Certificate

2018 Spring & Summer Graduate SEE Program

New Graduate Certificate Program

Graduate Secondary Engineering Education (SEE) Certificate Program

UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science

12 credit hours

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Program Information

This new certificate program will empower teachers to:

  • Use the challenge-based learning teaching method to engage students.
  • Describe and apply the engineering design process to solve a challenge.
  • Create instructional units that incorporate math and science content in engineering design activities.
  • Develop classroom management skills that enable challenge-based learning and engineering design activities to be incorporated in their classrooms.
  • Describe different fields of engineering and be able to clearly communicate engineering career connections to their secondary students.

Students will take four online classes.

Enrollment Highlights

  • All applicants who desire to complete the full Graduate Secondary Engineering Education (SEE) Certificate Program must complete and submit a formal graduate school certificate application to be considered for enrollment in the program.  The required application can be found here:  Instructions to complete the application are as follows:
    • Under “How would you like to search for your program”, select college.
    • Under “Select a Program”, choose College of Engineering & Applied Science, Secondary Engineering Education (at the bottom of the drop down list).
    • Select the term.
    • Select part time enrollment.

*As a note, you will also be required to provide contact information for at least one recommender and test scores are not required.

  • All participants who would like record of their earned certificate must enroll as a matriculated student.  There is a required $20 fee.

* Please note that no paper certificate will be provided.  Confirmation of your certificate will be shown on your transcripts.

  • If you only intend to take one or two classes and will not complete the certificate program you will be considered a "non-matriculated student".  As a non- matriculated student you will need to complete the Basic Data Form.  The required form can be found here:
  • All matriculated and non-matriculated students will be required to pay the associated fees listed under Tuition Showing Standard Required Fees per Term for Part-Time per credit hour for Graduate program.  In addition, they have to also pay the College Program Fees listed for College of Engineering and Applied Science.  The required fee structure can be found at:

For more information, please contact Kristin Barnes at

Certificate Courses

Participants will take one to two courses a semester and will typically follow the progression illustrated below.  Each course is for 3 semester credit hours online course.  The two required courses are Engineering Foundations which is always taken as the first course in the certificate program and the Capstone course, Engineering Education Certificate Capstone, which is typically taken in the final semester during which time the participant is required to have a classroom in which to teach the curricular unit of instruction that has been developed as part of the coursework**

** Since the Capstone course includes the implementation of a full curricular unit by the participants, the instructor of the Capstone course cannot issue a “No Grade [NG]” at the end of semester unless all the coursework leading up to implementation of the curricular unit has been completed and the only things left are adding following information after teaching the unit: data and results on assessment of impact on student learning, the actual strategies executed to address student misconceptions and differentiation in learning styles, and personal reflections on lessons learned after the implementation.  A NG grade indicates that the participants work for the course is incomplete and in progress.  After all requirements of the Capstone course are completed the participants will receive an earned grade (such as an A, B, C, etc.) in the course.

The other required coursework includes choosing two electives among 3 possible courses.  The selection includes the following courses:  Engineering Applications in Math, Models and Applications in Physical Sciences, and Integrating STEM into Practice, the latter of which is a Curriculum and Instruction class offered through UC’s College of Education Criminal Justice and Human Services.

Required Courses

ENGR 7001C: Engineering Foundations (must be taken first)

ENGR 7050: Engineering Education Certificate Capstone

Elective Choices (choose two)

ENGR 7040: Engineering Applications in Math

TSCI 7067C: Models and Applications in Physical Sciences

CI 6005: Integrating STEM into Practice

Suggested Course Scheduling:


Graduate Secondary Engineering Education (SEE) Certificate Flowchart