Lesson 1

Lesson Title:
Lesson 1: Investigating Properties of Acids & Bases

Unit Title:
Natural Antacids

Estimated Duration:
Three 60 minute periods

Activity 1: Acid vs. Base
Activity 2: Acid Base Titration

Curt Blimline

April 2013

Lesson Objectives
  1. After completing this lesson, the student will be able to identify distinguishing properties of an acid and a base.
  2. After completing this lesson, given the properties of a substance, the student will be able to determine whether a substance is an acid or a base.
  3. After completing this lesson, the student will be able to describe the acid base titration process including the use of burettes and titration endpoints.
  4. After completing this lesson, the student will be able determine molarities of acids or bases from titration data.
Lesson Guiding Questions
  1. What properties distinguish an acid and a base?
  2. What is acid base neutralization and how is it achieved?
  3. What methods can be used experimentally to achieve acid base neutralization?

Activity 1: Acids vs Bases
Activity 2: Acid base titration

Lesson Academic Standards
  1. Identify questions and concepts that guide scientific investigations;
  2. Design and conduct scientific investigations;
  3. Use technology and mathematics to improve investigations and communications;
  4. Formulate and revise explanations and models using logic and evidence (critical thinking);
  5. Recognize and analyze explanations and models; and
  6. Communicate and support a scientific argument.
  7. Chemical reactions
    • Types of reactions
    • Equilibrium
    • Acids/bases

Summative Assessment
Lab reports

Formative Assessment
Acids vs bases.docx
Acid base titration.docx