Furniture Construction

For Wood Technology courses offered, search UC's OneStop web site in the subject CBMK (Cabinet and Furniture Making). If you have questions contact us for assistance.

All Wood Technology Program courses meet Breadth of Knowledge Requirements (BoK) in the distribution area of Fine Arts (FA).  UC's GenEd program assures exposure to the traditional disciplines that are the hallmark of a liberally educated person.

All courses in the WT Program have additional costs including: required shop fee, purchase materials for the projects assigned, personal safety equipment & textbook(s). See the WT FAQ page for more information.


wood furn 1a

Furniture Construction IA (CBMK1001C)

Learn safe operation of woodworking power equipment and hand tools to craft a Shaker Side Table from rough lumber to assembly in one semester. Students learn about wood species and their properties, creating a materials list, selection and purchasing of rough lumber, wood milling process and classic joinery techniques. A secondary project will be completion of a “lap joint” using only hand tools.

wood furn Ib

Furniture Construction IB (CBMK1002C)

In this course, students craft a Shaker coffee table with a drawer similar to the Shaker side table in the previous course. By applying techniques learned students reinforce their understanding of the furniture making process. In addition, dovetail joinery techniques are introduced in making hand cut “through dovetail” joints for the draw box and use of the router to create “blind dovetail” joints for the drawer face.

Additional aspects of furniture making, beyond the mechanics of construction, are also introduced such as aesthetics of wood species selection, edge finishing and fundamental design topics.

wood furn IIa

Furniture Construction IIA & IIB (CBMK1003C &1004C)

This two-semester course sequence will use machines for dimensioning stock and hand tools for fine joinery details. The project is a Shaker  hanging wall cabinet with a raised panel door. There will be classroom discussions regarding principles in furniture design.

In the second semester, the project is a basic case constructed cabinet with doors and a drawer. Students will be introduced to designing and installing moldings and edge profiling.

furn iiia

Furniture Construction IIIA & IIIB (CBMK1005C & 1006C)

This two-semester course sequence is the application and reinforcement of techniques learned through Furniture Construction IA, IB, IIA & IIB to construct a student designed and detailed project in Furniture Drawing courses.

The construction and assembly of the project emphasize how an excellent plan and materials list are necessary for furniture construction. The student will select wood and use the material list to dimension the lumber, layout furniture parts and mill for final assembly.


Furniture Construction IVA & IVB (CBMK1007C & 1008C)

This two-semester course sequenced is the culmination of all that students learn in the previous Furniture Construction Courses. The student constructs a project using a plan with materials list developed by the student and approved by the instructor. Students will progress from learning modern joinery and using sheet material. This class will emphasize both machinery and hand tools to construct furniture. Students will refine skills to become a successful woodworker.

Projects built in this class will incorporate advanced woodworking techniques to make a visual difference from factory production furniture.