Furniture Drawing

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All Wood Technology Program courses meet Breadth of Knowledge Requirements (BoK) in the distribution area of Fine Arts (FA).  UC's GenEd program assures exposure to the traditional disciplines that are the hallmark of a liberally educated person.

Furniture Drawing I (CBMK1010C)

Beginning drawing techniques are taught including free-hand sketching, lettering and dimensioning. Use manual drafting tools to create orthographic drawings, paraline drawings, sections and joinery details. Drawings will be used to develop furniture designs and proportions.

An overview of computer systems as it relates to commercial CAD (computer-aided drafting) programs.  Introduction to CAD menu structures to draw simple geometric objects, using editing techniques: extrusion, sweeping and revolving. Create 2D drawings from 3D models, drawing sheet set up and drawing output. Course is open to non-majors.

The sketch to the left is a pencil "value study" of a typical chip carving exercise of a Canadian Maple Leaf. The sketch below is a pencil drawing of a traditional "Acanthus Leaf" found in furniture and architectural woodwork.

drawing ii

Furniture Drawing II (CBMK1011C)

CAD drawing development using text editing, associative dimensioning and layering information. Advanced objects formed by grouping entities for multiple edits and generating sections from the CAD object. Intelligent attributes to generate schedules and tables from the CAD object. In future courses, CAD objects integrated with a CNC (computer numeric control) system to produce the object in the shop. Course is open to non-majors.