Wood Carving

For Wood Technology courses offered, search UC's OneStop web site in the subject CBMK (Cabinet and Furniture Making). If you have questions contact us for assistance.

All Wood Technology Program courses meet Breadth of Knowledge Requirements (BoK) in the distribution area of Fine Arts (FA).  UC's GenEd program assures exposure to the traditional disciplines that are the hallmark of a liberally educated person.

All courses in the WT Program have additional costs including: required shop fee, purchase materials for the projects assigned, personal safety equipment & textbook(s). See the WT FAQ page for more information.


Wood Carving I (CBMK1070C)

This course teaches the basics of wood carving beginning with proper sharpening of chisels and knives. Next, students will learn how to:  select and prepare rough wood stock for carving;  layout and follow patterns;  rough out a shape and add details. The instructor will introduce students to several types of carving such as wood sculpture, bas-relief and chip carving. Students will complete three projects: a swan, a half shell and a ball &claw.

wood carving

Wood Carving II (CBMK1071C)

This class is the second in the sequence of Wood Carving courses.  Students will complete a project consisting of an acanthus leaf.