Wood Technology Courses

For Wood Technology courses offered, search UC's OneStop web site in the subject CBMK (Cabinet and Furniture Making). If you have questions contact us for assistance.

All Wood Technology Program courses meet Breadth of Knowledge Requirements (BoK) in the distribution area of Fine Arts (FA).  UC's GenEd program assures exposure to the traditional disciplines that are the hallmark of a liberally educated person.

All courses in the WT Program have additional costs including: required shop fee, purchase materials for the projects assigned, personal safety equipment & textbook(s). See the WT FAQ page for more information.

Each of the three Wood Technology courses is independent of the other two and there are no prerequisites. Although these courses are independent, the Wood Technology courses together provide a comprehensive overview of woodworking that enlightens both the novice and the experienced woodworker. The courses give students a better understanding of woodworking by:  examining wood properties, knowing how machinery is maintained and used safely, and the preparation of wood for the application of finishes. The three courses are described in detail below:

wood finishing

Wood Technology: Mastering Woodworking Machinery


An overview of all major woodworking machinery introducing: machinery alignment, adjustment and sharpening; clamping and jigs; wood bending, veneering and lamination; lathe turning; shaping and molding blades, cutters, and bits. In this course students do not construct a furniture project but study the woodworking machinery and the related components.

understanding wood

Wood Technology: Understanding Wood (CBMK1050C)

Wood anatomy (also basic forestry and tree farming), wood species and uses, lumbering (self and industrial), drying (self and industrial), lumber grading and wood products, glues, wood coloration and color shifts, joinery theory, shop safety (dust collection, toxic woods, hearing protection), fasteners and hardware. Environmental requirements by government agencies.

wood finishing

Wood Technology: Wood Finishing (CBMK1052C)

Surface preparation (sanding and scraping), staining (oil, alcohol, water, gel, dye chemicals), wipe-on finishes, brush-on finishes, spray-on finishes, waxes, and finish care. These lessons are applied to sample boards for a hands-on learning experience. Also, environmental requirements by government agencies are discussed.