The Chemical Engineering (B.S.) program will teach you how to apply knowledge of chemical reactions and separations to develop new materials. From designing and improving large-scale processes to producing plastics, fibers, fuel, and pharmaceuticals, you will learn how to optimize and problem-solve for the future. 

Chemical engineering co-op opportunities

Ranked top 5 for co-op (US World News & World Report), our students gain real-world experience at research and engineering firms around the world. Chemical engineering co-op positions offer diverse professional experiences in the production of gasoline, plastics, pharmaceuticals, paper, cosmetics, pesticides, and computer chips.

Possible co-op companies you can work for include: AK Steel, BASF Corporation, Patheon Pharmaceuticals, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and more!

What does chemical engineering coursework look like?

Chemistry, physics, materials, transport phenomena, statistics and systems analysis are the main classes, and you can also choose classes in environmental engineering. You can also customize an academic track through a senior capstone project and upper-level technical electives.

"My co-op experience taught me an entirely new set of skills that simply can't be learned in a classroom. I feel twice as prepared to enter the workforce. There is no substitute for the co-op program at UC.”

— Ryan Muir Chemical Engineering, '20 —

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