Towards Civility: Evaluating and Inspiring Collection and Analysis of Data on Harassing Behaviors in Engineering and Engineering Technology

Venue: Virtual Meeting Virtual Conference
Dates: July 2021–February 2022


The goals of the workshop include:

  • to determine what data already exists at Institutions of Higher Education (IHE’s) and could be published
  • to identify priorities for additional data, and
  • to engage in a coordinated initiative to render both institution-level and national-level landscapes.

This work will inform subsequent efforts (beyond the workshop) to develop and implement promising practices for the prevention of harassing behaviors.

The workshop will occur virtually, with 6 sessions spread out over 8 months. Each session will be 2–3 hours in length. Session structures will include:

  • Invited keynotes to frame the work
  • Data analysis presentations as models and state-of-the-field
  • Working sessions in which participants interact collaboratively as stakeholders to produce prioritized agenda plans for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.

In between workshop sessions, participants will complete action assignments to build on sessions that have happened and to prepare for future sessions.

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