CEAS Data Science Symposium

The University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science
Date: Friday, February 25, 2022 

This one-day in-person symposium brings eminent plenary speakers from government/industry/academia in select areas, followed by moderated group discussions and breakout sessions in multiple sub-areas. Should CDC guidelines and local COVID-19 restrictions change, the planning committee will adapt the event to a virtual setting.

Why Attend?

Like all research institutions across the globe, faculty at the University of Cincinnati, while working on many of the data science and artificial intelligence challenges and applications, are siloed. Their limited or lack of interaction amongst themselves often results in missed opportunities to collaborate and pursue funding. Therefore, the goal of this symposium is to provide a mechanism to bring faculty and researchers working in diverse areas together and allow them to interact and brainstorm on topics of mutual interest. Specifically, this symposium will expose UC faculty and researchers to the grand challenges and associated opportunities in data science and artificial intelligence relevant to medicine, basic sciences and engineering, to facilitate interdisciplinary team-building among UC faculty to address some of those challenges.

Who should attend?

UC faculty from all colleges, specifically:

  • College of Medicine
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • College of Engineering and Applied Science


Headshot of Prashant Khare

Prashant Khare

Assistant Professor , Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Headshot of Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering

Headshot of Gautam Pillay

Gautam Pillay

Associate Dean of Research, College of Engineering and Applied Science