College of Engineering & Applied Science student in co-op experience at Duke Energy

The Ultimate Scholarship

Nobody knows cooperative education, its applications, and its payoffs better than we do. After all - we invented it.

Cooperative education, or "co-op" as the program is widely known, introduces our undergraduate students to the professional engineering environment. The program is designed to integrate the academic curriculum with on-the-job experience to provide our students with an outstanding engineering education.

Co-op gives our students a chance to practice their chosen profession in a real-life situation to help them determine their future career path. Plus, co-op helps students finance their education.

The co-op program is well received by the students at the College of Engineering and Applied Science as well. Overwhelmingly, 96% of graduating seniors felt that the College's program, including the co-op experience, provided a better education than a traditional college program. In addition, 98% of those surveyed said they would recommend the CEAS co-op program to their younger siblings.

Founded at UC in 1906, co-op is now offered by more than one thousand institutions of higher education — but it is central to the overall mission of only a select number of schools.

At UC, we have the largest mandatory co-op program of any public engineering school in the country.

Further Information:

For more information, visit the Professional Practice site maintained by the University of Cincinnati.