REVAMP - Reskilling Education Via Advanced Manufacturing Practicum

Reskilling Education Via Advanced Manufacturing Practicum (REVAMP) is funded by a cooperative agreement between the University of Cincinnati and the National Science Foundation's Experiential Learning for Emerging and Novel Technologies (ExLENT) Program. REVAMP aims to support participants who seek to re-enter or advance their careers in the manufacturing industry. 

The REVAMP program is jointly organized and facilitated by the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati State Workforce Development Center (CSWDC), along with various local industrial partners. Our purpose is to help YOU pivot to a new career in the advanced manufacturing industry or upskill to accelerate your career in this rapidly growing area. Components of the program include asynchronous online learning of content, in-person hands-on learning, and paid internships.

Upon completion, participants are expected to have developed a motivation for, skills related to, and job prospects in advanced manufacturing. Given the recent developments and initiatives in the manufacturing industry, this sets them on a long-term career trajectory, as there will be a need to fill positions in these areas both locally and nationally for the foreseeable future.

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  • Funded by the National Science Foundation
  • Cincinnati State

Meet the REVAMP team

Headshot of Ashley E. Paz y Puente

Ashley E. Paz y Puente

Assoc Professor


Headshot of Cedrick A.K. Kwuimy

Cedrick A.K. Kwuimy

Assoc Professor - Educator


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Eric Payton

Associate Professor


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Nora B. Honken

Assoc Professor - Educator