You have two different accounts, one for Central Login Services and one for CEAS. Both accounts use the same Username and Password.  Remember that your password is the same as your Central Services Login.  If you need to have your password reset, you can do so from the UCit Password Self-Service Help Page, Resetting a forgotten password or calling UCit at 556-HELP.

Data saved to the local computer will not follow you from machine to machine. Only data saved in your "My Documents" or "Desktop" is stored on our network storage and backed up. All other data stored on the local machine and NOT in one of those 2 locations will be lost.

CEAS provides file storage that can be accessed through the CEAS network.  It provides a storage space of 3GB.  When a student logs into the CEAS network, any data they save to 'My Documents' or the Desktop will be automatically saved to the file server and will be available from all OCC lab computers.

UCit provides an online file storage service through which you can access your files anywhere. It provides unlimted storage space. For accessing OneDrive you simply need to logon to https://outlook.office.com/mail/.

Each printer has a release terminal that will queue each print job. After you have sent your print job, you should walk to the release workstation next to the printer. Using the mouse, find your job, highlight the filename and click the print button to release the job from the queue to the printer. Jobs are deleted from the queue after printing or if they have been queued for too long.

Every user is allocated 600 pages of printing per term. Only printing for class work is supported in the labs. As each print job is released to the printer, a quota management system automatically deducts the number of pages printed. 

All lab computers are set up with a default printer. However, if you wish to print to another location, select the appropriate printer from the list of available printers for getting the printout.

Once you log into a computer lab workstation, you will see the PaperCut icon in the system tray.  You can double click it to get more information about your print usage. When you double click it, the pop up window will display the available print quota for the user.

On the popup menu, there will be a link called “Details” and when you click on this it will open up a browser window and the user can see all the previous jobs he has printed, the printers he has printed to, the time stamps etc.

Your total data space quota on the CEAS network file server is 3GB. To find out how much of your data space quota you have used and how much is unused, first double click on the 'My Computer' icon on the desktop. Right click on the 'My Documents' folder and select 'Properties' from the pull-down menu. Click on the 'General' tab to get a report of how much space is used and how much is free.

Your password can be changed using the Password Self-Service Help Page under links for changing your password or call UCit at 556-HELP.  

This error can be due to either of the following reasons:  a network problem or the printer selection on the computer may not be configured properly. Make sure that the software program you are printing from has the appropriate lab printer in printer properties.

If it still doesn't work contact the lab consultant on duty.

Each student has a 600 page quota allotted for every term. Students need to manage their printing in order to stay within these 600 pages. If a student still uses all 600 pages before the term is over and needs additional prints, they will need to save their file(s) to removable media and print their needed copies at another print facility.

There is a color laser printer available at 636 Mantei Center (ERC). It can be used for printing Student Thesis and Projects. There is a 300 page quota set per student per term.  This quota is not related to the 600 page limit print quota mentioned above for black and white printing. Students need to come to 636 Mantei Center (ERC) to request color printing. Above the 300 page quota, OCC will print 2 final copies of student thesis.

A Canon plotter is available in 617 Mantei Center (ERC). Plotters are for use only if faculty require students to produce color plots for scheduled class projects. In order to allow students to use the inkjet plotters, faculty will have to provide a class list to the College Computing Office so that plotting can be enabled for the students on the class list.

Email services are provided for all students through the University. This service is called UConnect. The following URL will take you to the web site detailing the services provided for student email.


No, you cannot access the OCC lab machines using the VPN client. You can only access the documents stored in your 'My Documents' folder. Instructions for this can be found at: Accessing OCC Data

No, software licenses allow them to be installed only on college owned systems. However Solidedge and Solidworks will be installed on student laptops if a course that they have registered for requires it.  If this is the case, the student should bring there laptop to 636 Mantei Center (ERC) for assistance.

When you are unable to login and the message 'CEAS1 domain not available' appears, inform the lab consultant immediately and then attempt to log on to another machine.

No, the OCC does not lend out laptops to students.

The OCC Office at 636 ERC has a lost and found where you can go and check if the article you lost has been brought in.  The OCC is not responsible for any lost items that may have been left behind in the OCC labs.