Practical Experience Course

Practical Experience may be one of the following listed items but not limited to this list. Your advisor must approval your selected work. 


  • A position with an outside company
  • Position must be related to your area of study or research
  • Letter from employer must be submitted with approval form 
  • MS students that have been in their program for 2+ years must submit a detailed letter from their advisor as to why CPT is the best choice for practical experience and how it relates to the thesis. 
  • International students must complete the request at iOffice listing their Graduate Program Coordinator as their advisor. 

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Teaching and grading responsibilities as directed and approved by your advisor
  • Curriculum design, lab development, experiment design, course web site development, etc.

Special Projects

  • Any work related to the discipline of study conducted under the supervision of your advisor or with another faculty member if approved by your advisor.
  • Assisting with programs such as STEP with the approval of your advisor
  • Assisting or preparing a paper for publishing (other than thesis or dissertation) under the direction of your advisor.

You can register for 20-EECE-710-001 or 20-CS-710-001 in Spring or Fall quarter. The work can be done anytime prior to graduation. You must get pre approval from your advisor for your assignment and submit the approval form to the graduate office. Upon completion of the assignment you must get the signature of your advisor approving the successful completion. NG (no grade) will be given until your assignment is complete. Once the signed approval form is submitted then the NG grade will be change to the appropriate grade.

*All students that started their program in the Fall 2007 must successfully complete 20-EECE-710-001 in order to graduate.