Students working on Bearcat Motorsports parts

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (ME) program at the University of Cincinnati (UC) is an interdisciplinary engineering program that addresses a diverse mix of issues in engineering science and engineering applications. The ME program is designed to provide students with a vibrant learning experience that allows them to obtain a comprehensive education grounded in the fundamentals of the engineering discipline and invaluable hands-on experiences via lab activities. With the guidance of our exceptional faculty members and access to the state-of-the-art facilities in our research labs, students are encouraged to cultivate their passions academically and professionally in a dynamic and supportive environment.

The ME program at UC covers broad research areas including structure dynamics, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, manufacturing, intelligent/autonomous systems, and bio/nano technology. The program currently includes six major research focus areas:

  • Structural Dynamics and Acoustics
  • Intelligent Prognostics and Autonomous Systems
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Simulation and Applied Mechanics
  • Biomedical and Nano-Technology
  • Thermal-Fluid and Enhanced Heat Transfer