Jazz Clubs


Nancy’s only jazz piano bar Jazzers is a piano bar that is right off the square in Nancy. On the 1st floor guest can enjoy a beverage. There is also a piano available for guest to play when there is not band playing in the basement. Jazzers is cozy with a staff who enjoys every moment.

La Mère Catherine

La Mère Catherine was founded in Paris in 1793. Not only is this restaurant one of the oldest in Paris it is also where we had our last dinner as a group together in Paris. The food was delicious and the server even took a selfie with us. La Mère Catherine has outside seating across from the restaurant itself. Inside the restaurant they also have live music. On this night they had a wonderful individual singing La Vie En Rose. The atmosphere was cozy and welcoming and part of me did not want to leave. The area that houses La Mère Catherine has many shops, restaurants, and bars most of which have live music. If you are a lover of music France is the place to be.

Chez le Pépère

Chez le Pépère is a small yet lively establishment that is located across from the Adigao Hotel in Bordeaux. If you have your windows open in the Adigao you can hear the band playing faintly which is how I found this wonderful place. They have a bar with a few tables when you walk in from the street. When you go down the spiral staircase you will find an intimate space where the band plays. I happened to be there in a Tuesday which is there Jazz night. The area was packed and people kept coming. Despite the small space a couple started to dance in the style known as Lindy Hop. The Band was fantastic and the atmosphere was even better. The staff was happy to be there and if you let him the owner would talk with you all night. If you do one thing in Bordeaux you should visit Chez le Pépère.

By Roxana Richter