The College of Engineering and Applied Science’s (CEAS) mission is grounded in providing an excellent education. Faculty excel in providing the best education that features breakthroughs in advanced science and technology directly to their students. The college fosters an inclusive environment that supports knowledge creation and the transfer of education to students and the community.

CEAS houses a vast number of academic programs for students of all backgrounds to pursue a meaningful career in the engineering and technology field. The college offers the following undergraduate programs:

Additionally, the college offers 22 master’s programs, 10 doctoral degrees, nine minors and various post-baccalaureate certificates. Unique programs like the Accelerated Engineering Degree (ACCEND) allow engineering students to combine a bachelor’s degree with a master’s degree in a shortened timeframe. 

No matter what path students choose, the CEAS Advising Team will guide them every step of the way, preparing them for an impactful career in engineering and technology.