Additive Manufacturing

Previously, the standard of manufacturing was the process of etching away at raw material. This process leaves waste and excess cost in the manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing is the act of creating something, (hence "additive") by using 3-D printing methods. The result is often efficient with stronger parts and systems with more customizable options.

Whenever you have something that is so novel, there are a lot of skeptics from the academic community.

Francesco Simonetti -Professor, Aerospace engineering

Active Research Faculty

Headshot of Jay Lee

Jay Lee

Ohio Eminent Scholar and L.W. Scott Alter Chair Professor in Advanced Manufacturing

Research Interests: Intelligent maintenance systems, advanced manufacturing
Lab Website: Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems

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Guirong Liu



Research Interests: Fluid-structure interaction

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Jing Shi



Research Interests: Materials manufacturing

Headshot of Francesco Simonetti

Francesco Simonetti



Research Interests: Ultrasonic testing for damage

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Murali Sundaram



Research Interests: Additive manufacturing, micromachining
Lab Website: Micro and Nano Manufacturing Laboratory

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