Sustainable Solutions Laboratory

The Sustainable Solutions Lab focuses on drinking water quality, supply, treatment, and purification. This includes wastewater and industrial wastewater treatment using physical/chemical processes. Other areas of study include:

  • Transition metal catalysis
  • TiO2 photocatalysis, UV-enhanced technologies, Fenton's and Photo-Fenton's hydroxyl-radical based processes
  • Other radical-based (i.e., superoxide, sulfate) destructive chemical oxidation technologies
  • Membrane processes for drinking water, wastewater, and industrial water purification.

The laboratory is equipped with various technologies for the treatment and purification of water. Equipment includes:

  • Novel UV/TiO2 suspension-type and immobilized-type photocatalytic reactors for water treatment
  • UV and UV/H2O2 flow through photoreactors for water treatment and disinfection (Trojan UVLogic)
  • Transition metal-based reactors for water treatment
  • Reactors for dark and UV-enhanced oxidation of organics using the Fenton's reaction
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Membrane systems for studying the effect of fouling and biofouling in membrane processes for water purification
  • Typical instrumentation and devices for determining drinking water quality and UV radiation properties.


781 Engineering Research Center
2901 Woodside Dr.
Cincinnati OH 45221


Headshot of Dionysios D. Dionysiou

Dionysios D. Dionysiou

Professor, CEAS - Environmental Eng & Science

780 Engineering Research Cntr


Professor Dionysiou performs research in the fields of (i) Advanced oxidation technologies for water treatment, (ii) drinking water treatment and purification, (iii) water quality, treatment, reuse, and monitoring, (iv) sustainable water processes, (v) physicochemical phenomena on particle-water interfaces, (vi) transition-metal oxidation and reverse electron transfer reactions, (vii) the use of ionic liquids in environmental applications, (viii) destruction of biological toxins in water, and (ix) environmental nanotechnology (fundamental, fate, transport, and applications of nanomaterials). At the University of Cincinnati, Professor Dionysiou teaches graduate courses in the fields of (i) Advanced Unit Operations for the Treatment of Drinking Water and Wastewater, (ii) Physical-Chemical Processes for Water Quality Control, and (iii) Advanced Oxidation Technologies and Nanotechnologies. He also teaches a graduate level laboratory course on Unit Operations and Process Monitoring for the Treatment of Polluted Water and Air and an undergraduate course in Environmental Engineering Fundamentals and Process Design.