Aero-System Operations (AESOP)

AESOP with the University of Bordeaux

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With the global competition and consumer demand for the next great innovation becoming ever-more pressing, the need for collaborative engineering is immensely prevalent in today's market. The realm of air traffic management and safety—both civilian and defense— is no different and that is why the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science (UC CEAS) and the University of Bordeaux (UBx) have partnered to cultivate the Aero-System Operations (AESOP) Collaborative Degree Program.

In today’s competitive technology environment, top opportunities are going to skilled engineers who have a wide-range of professional capabilities.  Aero-Systems Operations (AESOP) is an exceptional program joining UBx expertise in maintenance with UC expertise in engineering. Students at each university may purse UC CEAS' Master of Engineering (MEng) and UBx’s International Diploma collaboratively.

For more information about this new program please contact Dr. Kelly Cohen, Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics at the University of Cincinnati.