University of Lorraine

  • The part of the university we got to tour was the engineering college 
  • We got to hangout and make friends with many of the students at the university
  • It helped me realize the differences between our education system and student lifestyles.

Other students should experience this because it gives a better understanding of the French culture of students our age. Seeing how intensive their engineering programs are was interesting because they can work on a lot of hands on projects. Also, getting to meet and become friends with many of the students at the University of Lorraine was something that I will never forget. The international affairs director at their university was wonderful, and put on so many evets for us, and even got us a meeting with the mayor of the town of Nancy. I would recommend that everyone come on this trip because it’s a way to experience a different culture, and make new friends who you never knew existed.

By Ray Recchia