Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory

Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems (IRAS) Lab is a state of the art research facility currently being used to support research and teaching in multidisciplinary areas of intelligent robotics and autonomous systems for applications in space, aviation and healthcare industries.

Intelligent Robotics and Autonpmous System (IRAS) lab is located at 401/405 Rhodes Hall on UC's the main campus. The lab personnel consists of faculty PI, research associates, graduate students, and undergraduate students. We are conducting basic and applied research aiming at making robotic systems intelligent so that they can better work with or serve humans. The goal of the lab is to promote and support interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty and students across the College of Engineering and Applied Science

Research Subjects

Lab equipment
  • Control of robotic systems (manipulators, drones, spacecraft, mobile robots, etc.)
  • Multi-robot collaboration
  • Human-robot interaction and collaboration
  • Smart aviation manufacturing


401/403/405 Rhode Hall
(513) 556-3684

Faculty & Staff

Headshot of Ou Ma

Ou Ma

Alan B Shepard Chair Professor, CEAS - Aerospace Eng

720 Rhodes Hall


Research Interests  (Research Overview)
  • Multibody dynamics and control, impact-contact dynamics
  • Space robotics and automation
  • Human-robot interaction and collaboration
  • Smart manufacturing
Headshot of Lin Zhang

Lin Zhang