Micro and Nano Manufacturing Laboratory

Students of the Micro and Nano Manufacturing Lab research methods and materials that can be used to create novel, efficient and sustainable micro and nano machining processes. We use modeling, simulation and experimental procedures to optimize the processes of electrodischarge, electrochemical, ultrasonic and abrasive machining of metals, ceramics and composites at very small scales to be later applied to the emerging developments in product miniaturization and a variety of other applications.


Our mission is to innovate, develop and apply cutting edge multi-functional, multi-scale, multi-material processing technologies for reliable and affordable manufacturing solutions across size domains, and educate students on the state-of-the-art in manufacturing science.


602D Rhodes Hall and 483 Engineering Research Center
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221


Headshot of Murali Sundaram

Murali Sundaram

Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

631 Rhodes Hall