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Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory

The University of Cincinnati - Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory (UC-SDRL) is an educational and research activity within the Mechanical Engineering Department. The function of this activity is to develop, investigate, and evaluate experimental approaches to the estimation of the dynamic properties of structural systems. The direction of this activity over the last twenty years has centered on research related to the experimental determination of modal parameters (frequency, damping, modal vectors and modal scaling).

This continuing research is vital in order to understand existing noise and vibration problems, in order to develop experimentally-based, structural system models, and in order to evaluate the validity of theoretically-based, structural system models originating from finite element analysis or other numerical methods. The focus of recent work has broadened to include identification of general systems for control design, active vibration control, rotating machinery modeling and signature analysis, vibroacoustic interaction in structures and acoustic noise source identification utilizing microphone arrays.

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Randall J Allemang

Emeritus, CEAS - Mech Eng and Materials Eng