Global Partners

Dual MEng degree and academic collaboration with several Grand Ecole schools under INP umbrella. Academic semester or research/project work semester for graduate and ACCEND students.

First cooperative education engineering program in China; students study 4 years in China and spend 5th year at UC to earn dual degree.

Dual MEng degree in AI and academic collaboration allows for student mobility.

One of the leading private research universities in Taiwan. Known for excellence in education, innovation, breakthrough research and industry-academia collaboration. 3+1+1 Agreement allows FCU students to earn a UC degree.

CEAS assists in preparation of programs for accreditation and provides academic consulting.

Dual articulation program with Grande Ecole Engineering school allows students both at UC and France to earn Master of Engineering degree from UC and a French Engineering diploma. Students also have the opportunity to spend a semester in Nancy and get an Erasmus+ grant to help pay for travel and living expenses. Faculty and staff also have opportunities to visit ENSEM to work on research and academic collaborations.

University of Lorraine/ENSIC/ENIM/NancyPolytech (France)

Several graduate schools under the University of Lorraine umbrella (ENSICENIMNancyPolytech) collaborate with CEAS to allow graduate students the opportunity to spend a semester in France studying or working in the lab. Faculty and staff also have opportunities to visit schools to work on research and academic collaborations.  

Dual articulation agreement allows MCUT students to earn MS from MCUT and MEng from UC, other collaboration includes teacher mobility and teacher training.

A dual master's degree in engineering bring its students to Cincinnati. The well-known, research-led comprehensive public university also offers summer programs to CEAS students

A comprehensive university with a unique maritime focus and an engineering heavyweight. Master of Engineering concurrent enrollment  and 3+1+1 programs are developed with CEAS.

One of the top engineering schools in Taiwan with a long-term academic and students mobility program in place. Dual Masters Agreement in several engineering disciplines provides opportunities for Taipei Tech students to earn UC degree in Cincinnati. Many NTUT research students come to CEAS for internship. 

First CEAS collaboration in Spain. Dual MEng /MS articulation program greets Spanish students in Cincinnati, while CEAS students can explore experiential learning opportunities in Bilbao.

UC strategic partner in France. University-wide partnership agreement allows UC students to explore study abroad, summer programs, co-op, dual degrees, research collaboration.  AESOP Dual Master program in Aero Systems Operation and Nanoworld lab collaboration are two notable programs.

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (England)

Rowe Scholarship Fund-supported exchange, potential expansion of collaboration.

UC strategic partner in Italy. University-wide partnership agreement allows UC students to explore study abroad, summer programs, co-op, dual degrees, research collaboration. Dual Master degree agreement in Industrial Engineering and Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering.

Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College (China)

A College within highly ranked Chinese Research University has signed 3+1+1, 4+1 and Dual Master Articulation Agreements to provide a wide range of options for TKK students to come to UC CEAS for their undergraduate and graduate studies.

Excellent school with several strong engineering majors.  CEAS established an exchange program with ZHAW. Semester abroad and co-op project work are both a possibility.