Mechanical Engineering Faculty

As a student in the Mechanical Engineering program, you will learn from dedicated educators and researchers. Faculty in the Mechanical Engineering program are recognized globally for their commitments and expertise in the field and receive national research funds from NASA, NSF, and more.

Department Head

Headshot of Ying Sun

Ying Sun

Herman Schneider Professor, Department Head


Headshot of Michael J Alexander-Ramos

Michael J Alexander-Ramos

Assistant Professor

Headshot of Sam Anand

Sam Anand

Professor, Director - Siemens PLM Simulation Technology Center

Headshot of Je-Hyeong Bahk

Je-Hyeong Bahk

Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering (Jointly Appointed)

Headshot of Kishan Bellur

Kishan Bellur

Assistant Professor

Headshot of Janet Jiaxiang Dong

Janet Jiaxiang Dong


Headshot of Ahmed Elgafy

Ahmed Elgafy

Professor - Educator

Headshot of Aimee Frame

Aimee Frame

Associate Professor-Educator

Headshot of Frank M Gerner

Frank M Gerner

Professor, Senior Associate Dean

Headshot of Thomas Richard Huston

Thomas Richard Huston

Professor Educator, Co-director of the Joint Co-op Institute

Headshot of Xiaodong   Jia

Xiaodong Jia

Assistant Professor

Headshot of Milind A. Jog

Milind A. Jog


Headshot of Jay Kim

Jay Kim


Headshot of Woo Kyun Kim

Woo Kyun Kim

Associate Professor

Headshot of Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar


Headshot of Jay Lee

Jay Lee

Ohio Eminent Scholar and L.W. Scott Alter Chair Professor in Advanced Manufacturing

Headshot of Tamara Lorenz

Tamara Lorenz

Psychology-Mechanical Engineering-Electrical Engineering (jointly appointed)

Headshot of Raj M Manglik

Raj M Manglik


Headshot of Allyn W. Phillips

Allyn W. Phillips

Associate Professor Educator

Headshot of Mark J Schulz

Mark J Schulz


Headshot of Jing Shi

Jing Shi


Headshot of Sang Young Son

Sang Young Son

Associate Professor

Headshot of Henry Spitz

Henry Spitz


Headshot of Murali Sundaram

Murali Sundaram


Headshot of Ala Tabiei

Ala Tabiei

Associate Professor

Headshot of David F Thompson

David F Thompson

Associate Professor

Headshot of Fu-Lin Tsung

Fu-Lin Tsung

Associate Professor - Practice

Headshot of Dieter Frans S. Vanderelst

Dieter Frans S. Vanderelst

Biology-Mechanical Engineering-Electrical Engineering-Psychology (jointly appointed)


Headshot of Wei Wang

Wei Wang

Joint Co-op Institute

Headshot of Sarah June Watzman

Sarah June Watzman

Assistant Professor

Headshot of Alex Michael Wouden

Alex Michael Wouden

Joint Coop Institute

Headshot of Yongfeng Xu

Yongfeng Xu

Assistant Professor

Secondary Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Headshot of Rupak K. Banerjee

Rupak K. Banerjee


Headshot of Eugene Rutz

Eugene Rutz

Asst Dean

Headshot of Jingjie Wu

Jingjie Wu

Assistant Professor

Professors Emeriti Mechanical Engineering

Headshot of David Brown, PhD

David Brown, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Headshot of Max Brown, PhD

Max Brown, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Headshot of Urmila Ghia

Urmila Ghia


Headshot of Dan Humpert

Dan Humpert

Associate Professor Emeritus

Headshot of Ronald L Huston

Ronald L Huston

Adjunct Research Professor

Headshot of Ernest Lenard Hall

Ernest Lenard Hall

Professor Emeritus

Headshot of Michael Kazmierczak

Michael Kazmierczak

Associate Professor

Headshot of Robert Rost

Robert Rost

Associate Professor- Emeritus

Headshot of I.C. Wang, PhD

I.C. Wang, PhD

Professor Emeritus