Mechanical Engineering Faculty

As a student in the Mechanical Engineering program, you will learn from dedicated educators and researchers. Faculty in the Mechanical Engineering program are recognized globally for their commitments and expertise in the field and receive national research funds from NASA, NSF, and more.

Department Head

Headshot of Jay Kim

Jay Kim

Professor, Department Head



Headshot of Michael J Alexander-Ramos

Michael J Alexander-Ramos

Assistant Professor


Headshot of Sam Anand

Sam Anand

Professor, Director - Siemens PLM Simulation Technology Center


Headshot of Je-Hyeong Bahk

Je-Hyeong Bahk

Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering (Jointly Appointed)


Headshot of Rupak K. Banerjee

Rupak K. Banerjee



Headshot of Kishan Bellur

Kishan Bellur

Assistant Professor


Headshot of Janet Jiaxiang Dong

Janet Jiaxiang Dong

Associate Professor


Headshot of Aimee Frame

Aimee Frame

Associate Professor


Headshot of Frank M Gerner

Frank M Gerner

Senior Associate Dean


Headshot of Thomas Richard Huston

Thomas Richard Huston

Professor Educator, Mechanical Engineering; Co-director of the Joint Co-op Institute


Headshot of Milind A. Jog

Milind A. Jog



Headshot of Woo Kyun Kim

Woo Kyun Kim

Associate Professor


Headshot of Daniel Roy Kiracofe

Daniel Roy Kiracofe

Assistant Professor Educator


Headshot of Xiaodong   Jia

Xiaodong Jia

Asst Professor - Research


Headshot of Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar



Headshot of Jay Lee

Jay Lee

Ohio Eminent Scholar and L.W. Scott Alter Chair Professor in Advanced Manufacturing


Headshot of Tamara Lorenz

Tamara Lorenz

Assistant Professor, Psychology-Mechanical Engineering-Electrical Engineering (jointly appointed)


Headshot of Raj M Manglik

Raj M Manglik



Headshot of Michael Lee Mains

Michael Lee Mains

Associate Professor


Headshot of Allyn W. Phillips

Allyn W. Phillips

Associate Professor - Educator


Headshot of Pablo Mora Sanchez

Pablo Mora Sanchez

Assistant Professor Educator, Joint Coop Institute


Headshot of Mark J Schulz

Mark J Schulz



Headshot of Jing Shi

Jing Shi



Headshot of Sang Young Son

Sang Young Son

Associate Professor


Headshot of Henry Spitz

Henry Spitz



Headshot of Murali Sundaram

Murali Sundaram



Headshot of Ala Tabiei

Ala Tabiei

Associate Professor


Headshot of David F Thompson

David F Thompson

Associate Professor


Headshot of Fu-Lin Tsung

Fu-Lin Tsung

Associate Professor - Practice


Headshot of Dieter Frans S. Vanderelst

Dieter Frans S. Vanderelst

Psychology-Biology-Mechanical Engineering-Electrical Engineering (jointly appointed)


Headshot of Wei Wang

Wei Wang

Joint Coop Institute


Headshot of Sarah June Watzman

Sarah June Watzman

Assistant Professor


Headshot of Alex Michael Wouden

Alex Michael Wouden

Joint Coop Institute


Headshot of Yongfeng Xu

Yongfeng Xu

Assistant Professor


Professors Emeriti

Headshot of Randall J Allemang

Randall J Allemang

Dr. Allemang is a Professor Emeritus and member of the faculty of the Mechanical Engineering Program in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University of Cincinnati, where he currently also serves as Director of the Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory (UC-SDRL). Dr. Allemang has been actively involved in the area of experimental structural dynamics and modal analysis for over forty years, pioneering the use of multiple input, multiple output estimation of frequency response functions, developing the concept of cyclic averaging, formulating the modal assurance criterion (MAC) and the enhanced frequency response function and reformulating modal parameter estimation algorithms into the unified matrix (coefficient) polynomial approach (UMPA).  Dr. Allemang has served on the Advisory Board for the International Modal Analysis Conference (1981-2015, Chairman, 1986-1995) and on the Editorial Board of Sound and Vibration Magazine. Dr. Allemang has also served on the Executive Board of Society of Experimental Mechanics (SEM) from 1998-2006, including President for the Society during 2003-2004.  Dr. Allemang is currently involved as Senior Collaborator for the AFRL Structural Sciences Center at WPAFB, working on the verification and validation (experimental quantification of margin and uncertainty) of experimental and analytical dynamic models and has been recognized by three professional societies as a Fellow (SEM, SAE and ASME). Dr. Allemang has also mentored two PhD graduates who went on to win Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).

Headshot of David Brown, PhD

David Brown, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Experimental modal analysis; vibrations; system dynamic analysis; acoustics.

Headshot of Max Brown, PhD

Max Brown, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Machine Design, Safety

Headshot of Urmila Ghia

Urmila Ghia

Professor-Emerita, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

683 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Dan Humpert

Dan Humpert

Teaching Interest: Planning, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Database, Computer Applications, and Introduction to IT Research Interest: Control Theory and Robotics

Headshot of Ronald L Huston

Ronald L Huston

Adjunct Research Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

500L Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Ernest Lenard Hall

Ernest Lenard Hall

Professor Emeritus

631 Rhodes Hall


Ernest L. (Ernie) Hall is Professor Emeritus of Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering in the School of Dynamic Systems at the University of Cincinnati. He has also held joint appointments with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science and collaborates with many faculty and students in the College of Engineering, the College of Medicine, the College of Education, the College of Applied Science and various civic groups.
Headshot of Michael Kazmierczak

Michael Kazmierczak

Associate Professor

Michael J. Kazmierczak, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. His research is in the general area of conduction and convective heat transfer, and applications thereof (see detailed list of research areas below).
His work includes both theoretical and experimental studies that have resulted in the publications of over 50 peer-reviewed technical articles and conference proceedings. His research has been funded by NSF, NASA, ARMY(CRREL), DOE(ANL).
Prior to joining academia, Dr. Kazmierczak has worked several years in the electric power industry for a design consulting firm and for an electric utility. Duties at Sargent & Lundy focused on the detailed design of several system/subsystems of Zimmer power plant (steam piping and HVAC). At ComEd he worked as a performance engineer at Collins Station responsible for the daily operation of Unit #4 (550 MW oil-fired generating unit) and did monthly reporting and monitoring of the entire Station’s (2794 MW) Heat Rate. He also completed numerous engineering projects and system upgrades, including complete design modification to change out the steam attemperators controls from analog to digital.
Headshot of Robert Rost

Robert Rost

Associate Professor- Emeritus

Headshot of I.C. Wang, PhD

I.C. Wang, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Finite Element Method, Solid Mechanics, Design