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Mechanical Engineering Faculty


Headshot of Michael J Alexander-Ramos

Michael J Alexander-Ramos

Assistant Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

688 Rhodes Hall


Research Interests:
Multidisciplinary design modeling and optimization; decomposition-based system design optimization; surrogate modeling/metamodeling in engineering analysis and design; automotive systems design; electric/hybrid-electric vehicle design; dynamic systems modeling; structural design
Headshot of Randall J Allemang

Randall J Allemang

Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

685 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Sundararaman Anand

Sundararaman Anand

Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

697 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Je-Hyeong Bahk

Je-Hyeong Bahk

Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering (Jointly Appointed), CEAS - Mechanical Eng

490 Rhodes Hall


Dr. Je-Hyeong Bahk is currently assistant professor jointly at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing Systems and the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, OH, USA, Dr. Bahk has worked in the field of thermoelectrics for more than 10 years since his Ph.D study at University of California, Santa Barbara. He has participated in numerous research projects on design and fabrication of efficient nanotechnology-based thermoelectric materials and devices, and also developed several online simulation tools at capable of thermoelectric devices and materials simulation for research and education.  
Headshot of Rupak K. Banerjee

Rupak K. Banerjee

Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

593 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Aimee Frame

Aimee Frame

Associate Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

589 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Frank M Gerner

Frank M Gerner

Senior Associate Dean, CEAS - Administration

816 Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Thomas Richard Huston

Thomas Richard Huston

Professor - Educator, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

626 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Milind A. Jog

Milind A. Jog

Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

687 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Michael Kazmierczak

Michael Kazmierczak

Associate Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

627 Rhodes Hall


Michael J. Kazmierczak, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. His research is in the general area of conduction and convective heat transfer, and applications thereof (see detailed list of research areas below).
His work includes both theoretical and experimental studies that have resulted in the publications of over 50 peer-reviewed technical articles and conference proceedings. His research has been funded by NSF, NASA, ARMY(CRREL), DOE(ANL).
Prior to joining academia, Dr. Kazmierczak has worked several years in the electric power industry for a design consulting firm and for an electric utility. Duties at Sargent & Lundy focused on the detailed design of several system/subsystems of Zimmer power plant (steam piping and HVAC). At ComEd he worked as a performance engineer at Collins Station responsible for the daily operation of Unit #4 (550 MW oil-fired generating unit) and did monthly reporting and monitoring of the entire Station’s (2794 MW) Heat Rate. He also completed numerous engineering projects and system upgrades, including complete design modification to change out the steam attemperators controls from analog to digital.
Headshot of Jay Kim

Jay Kim

Professor, Department Head, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

598B Rhodes Hall


Dr. Jay Kim is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.  His research and teaching interests are vibration of structures, rotordynamics, acoustics, noise and vibration controls, and engineerng education. He is currently serving as the Department Head, director of Occupational Safety and Health Engineering program and education director of Siemens Simulation Technology Center.     
Headshot of Woo Kyun Kim

Woo Kyun Kim

Assistant Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

497 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

629 Rhodes Hall


Cooperative Distributed Systems Lab
Dr. Manish Kumar directs Cooperative Distributed Systems (CDS) Laboratory, Collaboratory for Medical Innovation and Implementation, and co-directs UAV MASTER Lab. His research interests include Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, robotics, decision-making and control in complex systems, multi-sensor data fusion, swarm systems, and multiple robot coordination and control. His research has been supported by funding obtained from National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Ohio Department of Transportation, Ohio Department of Higher Education, and several industry. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). He has served as the Chair of the Robotics Technical Committee of the ASME’s Dynamic Systems and Control Division, and as an Associate Editor of the ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurements and Control.
Headshot of Jay Lee

Jay Lee

Ohio Eminent Scholar and L.W. Scott Alter Chair Professor in Advanced Manufacturing, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

699 Rhodes Hall


Dr. Jay Lee is Ohio Eminent Scholar, L.W. Scott Alter Chair Professor, and Distinguished Univ. Professor at the Univ. of Cincinnati and is founding director of National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) on Intelligent Maintenance Systems ( which is a multi-campus NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center which consists of the Univ. of Cincinnati (lead institution), the Univ. of Michigan, Missouri Univ. of S&T, and the Univ. of Texas-Austin.  Since its inception in 2001, the Center has been supported by over 90 global companies including P&G, GE Aviation, Eaton, National Instruments, Boeing, Goodyear, Toyota, Caterpillar, Siemens, Chevron, Honeywell, Parker Hannifin, Spirit AeroSystems, Ingersoll Rand, Intel, Applied Materials, Army Research Lab., Automated Precision Inc (API), Forcam (Germany), Bosch Rexroth (Germany), Alstom (France), Omron (Japan), Nissan (Japan), Tekniker (Spain), FMTC (Belgium), Kistler (Switzerland), SANY (China), China State Ship. Shanghai Electric (China), BaoSteel (China), Haier (China), etc.  The Center was ranked with the highest economic impacts (270:1) by NSF Economics Impacts Report in 2012.
His current research focuses on predictive big data analytics and cyber physical systems, prognostics and health management (PHM), and Smart Asset Management systems. He was selected to be one of the 30 Visionaries in Smart Manufacturing in U.S. by SME in Jan. 2016.
Currently he serves as a senior advisor to McKinsey and a S&T advisor to Alstom Transport, France, GE European Digital Foundry, etc.  In addition, he serves on the advisory board for a number of start-up companies including Predictronics, Falkorny, etc. He also serves as advisor to a number of global organizations, including a member of Board of Governors of the Manufacturing Executive Leadership Board of Frost Sullivan, Scientific Advisory Board of Flanders' Make in Leuven, Belgium, Scientific Committee of SIMTech of Singapore, etc. He also serves as Leadership Council of MForesight-a NSF/NIST Newly established manufacturing Think Tank in Sept. 2015 as well as a member of Technical Advisory committee (TAC) of Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation  (DMDI) in Feb. 2014. In 2013, he was invited to serve on the Advisory Committee member for White House Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) American Challenge Initiative.  
He also serves as honorary professor and visiting professor for a number of institutions including Cranfield Univ. in UK, Lulea Univ. of Technology in Sweden, etc. In addition, he serves as editors and associate editor for a number of journals including IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics, Int. Journal on Prognostics & Health Management (IJPHM), Int. Journal on Service Operations and Informatics, etc,
Previously, he served as Director for Product Development and Manufacturing at United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), E. Hartford, CT as well as Program Directors for a number of programs at NSF during 1991-1998, including the Engineering Research Centers (ERCs) Program, the Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (I/UCRCs) Program, and the Div. of Design, Manufacture, and Industrial Innovation. He also served as an advisory member for a number of institutions including, Johns Hopkins Univ., Cambridge Univ., etc.
He has authored/co-authored numerous highly influential articles and technical papers in the areas of machinery monitoring and prognostics, E-manufacturing, and intelligent maintenance systems.  He has over 20 patents and trademarks.  He is a frequently invited speaker and has delivered over 200 keynote and plenary speeches at major international conferences. He is a Fellow of ASME, SME, as well as a founding fellow of International Society of Engineering Asset Management (ISEAM).
He has received a number of awards including the most recent
Headshot of Yijun Liu

Yijun Liu

Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Research Affiliate

Headshot of Tamara Lorenz

Tamara Lorenz

Assistant Professor, Psychology-Mechanical Engineering-Electrical Engineering (jointly appointed), A&S Psychology

4150-E EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center


General - Tamara Lorenz is an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati. She is jointly affiliated with the Department of Psychology, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computation Science and the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Tamara Lorenz received her diploma (Dipl.-Ing., equivalent to a MSc.) in Mechanical Engineering from Technische Universität München (TUM)  in 2008 and her Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences at Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich, Germany in 2015. During her Ph.D. she was affiliated with both the General and Experimental Psychology Department at LMU and the Institute of Information-Oriented Control at TUM. For her dissertation she explored emergent coordination and adaptation during human joint action and during human interaction with robots in order to create models for safe and acceptable HRI.
Headshot of Raj M Manglik

Raj M Manglik

Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

684 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Michael Lee Mains

Michael Lee Mains

Associate Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

590 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Allyn W. Phillips

Allyn W. Phillips

Associate Professor - Educator, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

595 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Pablo Mora Sanchez

Pablo Mora Sanchez

Assistant Professor Educator, Joint Coop Institute, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

810E Old Chemistry Building


Headshot of Mark J Schulz

Mark J Schulz

Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

498B Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Jing Shi

Jing Shi

Associate Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

620R Old Chemistry Building


Headshot of Sang Young Son

Sang Young Son

Associate Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

621 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Henry Spitz

Henry Spitz

Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

500 Old Chemistry Building


Headshot of Bingjing Su

Bingjing Su

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Headshot of Murali Sundaram

Murali Sundaram

Associate Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

631 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Ala Tabiei

Ala Tabiei

Assoc Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

594 Rhodes Hall


Impact dynamics. Isotropic and anisotropic material modeling for extreme deformation, high rate of loading, and harsh environment. Material strength and experimental evaluation. Computational mechanics. 3-D nonlinear FE code development.
Headshot of David F Thompson

David F Thompson

Assoc Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

622 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Fu-Lin Tsung

Fu-Lin Tsung

Associate Professor - Practice, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

819C Old Chemistry Building


Headshot of Dieter Frans S. Vanderelst

Dieter Frans S. Vanderelst

Psychology-Biology-Mechanical Engineering-Electrical Engineering (jointly appointed), A&S Psychology

45150J EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center


SBBE, Sensory ecology, models of bat echolocation and flight control, robotic and computational models of animal behaviour and perception. Models of human cognition.
Headshot of Kumar S Vemaganti

Kumar S Vemaganti

Assoc Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

592 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Wei Wang

Wei Wang

Joint Coop Institute, CEAS - Mechanical Eng Tech

Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Sarah June Watzman

Sarah June Watzman

Asst Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

646 Engineering Research Cntr


Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
August 2018 - present
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
University of Cincinnati
Google Scholar Profile
Headshot of Alex Michael Wouden

Alex Michael Wouden

Joint Coop Institute, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

810E Old Chemistry Building


Headshot of Yongfeng Xu

Yongfeng Xu

Asst Professor, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

635 Rhodes Hall


Yongfeng Xu joined the University of Cincinnati as an assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering in 2017. He received his BS in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China, in 2008. He received his MS and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2013 and 2017.

Lab website

Research Interests:
  • Structural dynamics and vibrations
  • Modal analysis
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Laser Doppler vibrometry
  • Digital image correlation
  • Digital signal processing

Professors Emeritus

Headshot of David Brown, PhD

David Brown, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Experimental modal analysis; vibrations; system dynamic analysis; acoustics.

Headshot of Max Brown, PhD

Max Brown, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Machine Design, Safety

Headshot of Daniel James Durbin

Daniel James Durbin

Professor - Emeritus, CEAS - Mech Eng and Materials Eng

747 Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Frank Espelage

Frank Espelage

Instructor Emeritus

Headshot of Urmila Ghia

Urmila Ghia

Professor - Emerita, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

683 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Dan Humpert

Dan Humpert

Teaching Interest: Planning, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Database, Computer Applications, and Introduction to IT Research Interest: Control Theory and Robotics

Headshot of Ronald L Huston

Ronald L Huston

Professor - Adj Research, CEAS - Mechanical Eng

500L Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Ernest L Hall

Ernest L Hall

Emeritus, CEAS - Mech Eng and Materials Eng

631 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Phil Quo, JD

Phil Quo, JD

Professor Emeritus

Computer aided design and manufacturing, Solid modeling, Engineering Education

Headshot of Robert Rost

Robert Rost

Associate Professor- Emeritus, CEAS - Mechanical Eng


Headshot of Frank R Tepe

Frank R Tepe

Emeritus, Office of Research


Headshot of James Thorpe, PhD

James Thorpe, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Kinematics; Machine Design; Fluid Mechanics; Forensic Engineering; Engineering Education.

Headshot of Y.G. Tsuei, PhD

Y.G. Tsuei, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Fluid Mechanics

Headshot of I.C. Wang, PhD

I.C. Wang, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Finite Element Method, Solid Mechanics, Design