Students - Getting Started

How do I get a network account to access workstations in OCC Computer Labs?

University of Cincinnati students enrolled in any College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) course may use the computer labs managed by the Office of College Computing (OCC). CEAS students are given permanent accounts. Non-CEAS students are given "term" accounts that are renewed for each term that the student is enrolled in CEAS courses.

CEAS students and non-CEAS students registered for CEAS courses can log into any OCC lab machine using their Central Login Service account username and password.

What computer labs are available to use with an OCC account?

OCC accounts can be used for educational purposes in the OCC computer labs.  Information about OCC computing labs can be found at:  Computing Labs

How do I start using my OCC account?

The login ID for the OCC account is the same as your Central Login Service ID account and password.  Use this account information to log into OCC lab machines.

How do I Reset my Password?

Remember that your password is the same as your Central Login Service password.  If you need to have your password reset, you can do so from the UCit Password Self-Service Help Page, Resetting a forgotten password.  You can also get your password reset by calling UCit at 556-HELP (4357).