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Computer Science

Our computer science programs help students learn how to harness technology to solve problems and improve and modernize the future. As a Computer Science student, you will gain the skills to design and develop technology that can make an impact for all. 


Computer Scientists design and build computational information processing systems. They develop software, algorithms, data management, and analysis systems. From pacemakers to race cars, these systems are used in all aspects of society.

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New species of voiceless frog discovered in Tanzania

February 2, 2023

University of Cincinnati researchers discovered a new species of frog in Africa that has an unusual trait: it’s completely silent. The Ukaguru spiny-throated reed frog does not croak, sing or ribbit. It is among the few frogs that do not vocalize to other frogs.


UC announces 'One IT' collaboration to improve efficiency

February 2, 2023

College and unit-level IT managers from across the university joined Digital Technology Solutions leadership to re-imagine IT collaboration at the Digital Futures building. The new “One IT” collaboration group is key to delivering more efficient and effective IT services to the university.

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