Materials Science & Engineering Faculty

Headshot of Gregory Beaucage

Gregory Beaucage

Professor, Chemical Engineering

492 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-3063

Headshot of Seetha Ramaiah Mannava

Seetha Ramaiah Mannava

Professor , Materials Science & Engineering

412B Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-3297

Headshot of Jude Iroh

Jude Iroh

Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

489 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-3115

Headshot of Ashley E. Paz y Puente

Ashley E. Paz y Puente

Assistant Professor , Materials Science & Engineering

640 Engineering Research Center

(513) 556-3133

Headshot of Vesselin N. Shanov

Vesselin N. Shanov

Professor, Chemical Engineering

580 Engineering Research Center

(513) 556-2461

Headshot of Donglu Shi

Donglu Shi

Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

493 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-3100

Headshot of Matthew Alan Steiner

Matthew Alan Steiner

Assistant Professor , Materials Science & Engineering

635A Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-8051

Headshot of Vijay K. Vasudevan

Vijay K. Vasudevan

Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

501B Engineering Research Center

(513) 556-3103

Secondary Materials Science & Engineering Faculty

Headshot of Neil Ayres

Neil Ayres

Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

704C Rieveschl Hall

(513) 556-9280

Headshot of Junhang Dong

Junhang Dong

Professor, Chemical Engineering

694 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-3992

Headshot of Yao Fu

Yao Fu

Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics

730 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-5438

Headshot of Chia Chi Ho

Chia Chi Ho

Professor, Chemical Engineering

684 Engineering Research Center

(513) 556-2438

Headshot of Woo Kyun Kim

Woo Kyun Kim

Assistant Professor , Mechanical Engineering

497 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-5556

Headshot of Mark J Schulz

Mark J Schulz

Professor, Mechanical Engineering

498B Rhodes

(513) 556-4132

Headshot of Andrew Steckl

Andrew Steckl

Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

839 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-4777

Headshot of Murali Sundaram

Murali Sundaram

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

631 Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-2791

Headshot of Peter Zhang

Peter Zhang

Assistant Professor , Chemistry & Materials Science

702 Crosley Tower

(513) 556-9222

Professors Emeritus of Materials Science & Engineering

Headshot of F James Boerio

F James Boerio

Emeritus, Engineering Education

895A Rhodes Hall

(513) 556-3111

Headshot of Ronald W Millard

Ronald W Millard

Emeritus Professor, COM PSP Pharmacology

5257A Medical Sciences Building

(513) 558-2336

Headshot of Rodney D Roseman

Rodney D Roseman

Emeritus, Engineering Education

(513) 556-3187

Headshot of Dale W. Schaefer

Dale W. Schaefer

Emeritus, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

606-I Old Chemistry Building

(513) 556-5431