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What it's like doing an out-of-state co-op

March 6, 2024

Hyojung Kim, University of Cincinnati chemical engineering student, spent a semester on co-op in Idaho Falls working at the Idaho National Laboratory. UC's co-op program is ranked top five in the nation. For this rotation, Kim had to relocate. This piece shares what it is like to work on co-op out of state.


Get answers to all your co-op questions

At the University of Cincinnati, undergraduate engineering degrees take five years to complete, unlike the typical four-year bachelor's degree program. But that extra year is incredibly valuable for students to gain a head start on building their careers. Students receive unique, hands-on experiences during their time at the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) through the cooperative education (co-op) program. Co-op is built into the curriculum and students alternate between semesters in the classroom and semesters working full-time in industry or research.


UC International co-op – what's that?

Interested in the international co-op program at the University of Cincinnati? Gretchen Spears, mechanical engineering student, shares her experience working on co-op in Tuttlingen, Germany.


What is cybersecurity engineering?

Cybersecurity is an increasingly popular topic in the news, job demand, and specialty that engineers can focus on. Our new undergraduate cybersecurity engineering program offers the ability to co-op and make a difference through cyber.


Growing at UC

How EnableUC president started as a freshman and grew throughout his time at UC. Read his student blog post!


What is Biomedical Engineering?

May 3, 2021

From designing imaging devices to developing measurement systems like an EKG, biomedical uses several types of engineering for application.

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