Lab Printing

Lab Laser Print Quota

A quota of 600 pages per semester for printing on laser printers in college labs is established for each college computing account. The quota is reset to 600 pages at the beginning of each semester.

Faculty are asked to minimize the printing of class notes. This will allow students to avoid having to use laser printing in computer labs and exceeding their print quotas.

Printing Tips

It is advised that students submit their print jobs only after the present print job has finished printing. By submitting too many jobs at a time, there is a possibility that the Queues will be overloaded.

If you have very large files to print, it is advised that it be broken down into smaller files if possible and then sent to the release terminal for printing.

Mobile Printing

Mobile printing to OCC lab printers is available when connected through SecureWireless or Secure VPN. A PaperCut Web Print feature allows users to print from their own laptops and netbooks. With the Web Print feature, users do not have to install any driver, nor any printer on their personal devices. It uses a simple web interface to submit print jobs without having to use any of the lab computers.

See the following link for instructions on how to use this feature: