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Biomedical Engineering

With a full medical campus and eleven hospitals within a five-mile radius of our uptown campus, the University of Cincinnati provides its students with the resources to make significant contributions to engineering and medicine.

The Biomedical Engineering Program provides students with the knowledge and tools to develop revolutionary healthcare devices, procedures, and treatment strategies for the 21st century. Students are trained to innovate at the intersection of biology and medicine. Coursework covers the study of forces, motions, shape changes and the biomechanics of biological tissues and organ systems. Students examine healthy, diseased and healing tissues to create the next generation of therapies.

Hands-on training is stressed in biomedical engineering at UC. Students gain professional industry experience through the Cooperative Education Program with companies such as Atricure, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Biomet & Depuy, and with research laboratories in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the College of Medicine, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

About Our Department

Our nationally ranked co-op program gives biomedical engineering students real-world experience at medical centers and research and engineering firms across the country and around the world. Our ongoing research pursues advancements in many fields, including regenerative medicine, medical imaging, medical device innovation, and bioinformatics. Working with industry co-op partners like AtriCure Boston Scientific, and Johnson and Johnson Medical Center, UC students create innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing medical problems.

Our graduates choose from a diverse range of careers, employers and work environments. Biomedical engineers can work in the medical product industry creating new designs, in hospitals providing advice on the selection and use of medical equipment, in research institutions and laboratories, in universities teaching and conducting research, in government and law performing product tests and establishing safety standards for medical devices and instrumentation, and in business serving as technical advisers for marketing departments of companies.

Mission and Vision

The UC Biomedical Engineering program vision is “To be a local and global community leader in progress and innovation at the interface of engineering and medicine to improve quality of life.”

The UC Biomedical Engineering program mission is to:

  1. Improve the health of the public through excellence in the discovery, dissemination and commercialization of knowledge derived from the application of scientific and engineering principles and methods.
  2. Provide students and other members of the community with the knowledge, skills and practical experience needed to pursue successful careers and assume leadership positions in the biomedical industry, academics and medicine.
  3. Initiate and foster collaboration among University Colleges, Departments and Faculty in biomedical engineering education and research.
  4. Contribute to regional economic growth in the biomedical industry.

New 4-Year Undergraduate Curriculum Option

This is a great option for students who come in with applicable college credit credit from high school or who are choosing the pre-medical route. 

The 4-year curriculum is a path you can opt into once you enroll at UC – just bring it up with your academic advisor!  

Contact Us

For questions about undergraduate and graduate programs and degrees at CEAS, live chat with us by clicking the "live chat" button at the bottom of your screen or email us:



GE Aerospace expands Next Engineers program for Cincinnati youth

May 15, 2024

GE Aerospace Foundation is investing further in its Next Engineers program, including the Cincinnati location facilitated by the University of Cincinnati, extending the program locally through 2028. Engineering Academy, a three-year engineering education program for high-schoolers, graduated its first cohort of students. Students who complete the program and go on to pursue an engineering degree in college will receive a scholarship.


UC researchers develop speech therapy video game

May 7, 2024

With ultrasound and a video game featuring a goat on roller skates, researchers at the University of Cincinnati are developing methods to help children overcome difficulties in pronouncing certain sounds, including the difficult “R.”


Engineering students present at third annual Expo

April 24, 2024

This spring, senior students at the University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering and Applied Science came together to present their final capstone projects at the third annual CEAS Expo. College faculty, staff, alumni and industry professionals attended the event to witness the innovation that is created at CEAS.

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