Our faculty members have extensive and impressive research backgrounds, working closely with students in their research activities. The department performs innovative research in the architectural, geotechnical, structural, transportation, water resources and construction management fields. Contact the appropriate person to learn more.


Headshot of Richard A Miller

Richard A Miller

Professor, Department Head, CEAS - Civil Eng

765A Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Eric T. Inglert

Eric T. Inglert

Asst. Department Head, CEAS - Architectural Eng

606H Old Chemistry Building


Architectural Engineering

Headshot of Anton C Harfmann

Anton C Harfmann

Professor and Director of Architectural Engineering and Director of DAAP Infrastructure and Facilities, DAAP School of Arch & Interior Design

765BA Baldwin Hall


Anton Harfmann is a licensed architect and builder who teaches BIM, construction and structures, and graduate studio courses in the School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati where he also served as Associate Dean for Technology and Facilities in the College of DAAP from 2004 to 2014. He was the lead faculty member for the University’s participation in the 2007 Solar Decathlon competition and has taught net-zero design studios on several occasions since. His research interests include net-zero architectural design as well as Building Information Modeling (BIM) at the component level and he has published many papers on this approach since the early 1990s. He is an early adopter of computing in practice and education that was recognized by Apple who inducted him into the Apple Distinguished Educator program in 2004. His commitment to teaching has also been recognized by the American Institute of Architects who named him one of the top ten educators in architecture in 2009 as well as receiving an honorable mention award from the AIA’s Technology in Practice group in 2013 for his introductory class on teaching the logic of construction and structures through BIM. 
Headshot of Nabil Nassif

Nabil Nassif

Assoc Professor, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

799 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Jialiang Wang

Jialiang Wang

Assistant Professor

Dr. Julian Wang received his Ph.D. in architecture from Texas A&M University and the first doctoral degree in engineering from Tianjin University, China. Before joining UC, Wang taught building technology in Missouri University Science and Technology and also worked at the Environmental Energy Technologies Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Wang has been educated as an architect, engineer, and researcher, which enables him to explore the integrated approach and design-oriented research for building sustainability. His teaching and research focus on built environmental technology and its integration into the design process. His recent research projects are funded by the NSF, EPA, AIA, NIST, and NSF China. He is also the recipient of a few fellowships and awards, such as Richard Kelly Award, ThinkSwiss Research Fellow, and IESNA Young Professionals Fund.

In addition, he serves as an editorial board member in the journal of Technology | Architecture + Design (TAD) and also scientific committee for several international conferences (PLEA, ACE, JCCME) in the field of sustainable building design and technology.
Headshot of Amanda Laurel Webb

Amanda Laurel Webb

Assistant Professor, CEAS - Architectural Eng

787 Rhodes Hall


Civil Engineering

Headshot of Patrick J Fortney

Patrick J Fortney

Assoc Professor - Educator, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

797 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Steven G. Buchberger

Steven G. Buchberger

Professor, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

765F Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Jonathan D Corey

Jonathan D Corey

Dr. Corey focuses on transportation data management and analysis with additional interests in traffic signal control, mobile data collection and transportation modeling. His previous work includes developing an archive for storing and disseminating statewide loop detector data in Washington state and data quality control algorithms to identify suspect data and bad sensors. His current work focuses on ubiquitous sensors and system modeling.
Headshot of Gian A. Rassati

Gian A. Rassati

Assoc Professor, CEAS - Civil Eng

765C Baldwin Hall


Dr. Rassati earned a PhD in Structural Engineering from the University of Trieste in 2001. His research interests include steel and steel-concrete composite structures, with particular interest on lateral force resisting systems, dynamic behavior of structures, and earthquake engineering.  He is licensed as a professional engineer in Italy, and he is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, of the American Institute of Steel Construction, of the Research Council on Structural Connections, and of ASTM International.
Headshot of James A. Swanson

James A. Swanson

Assoc Professor, CEAS - Civil Eng

765D Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Rachel A Chicchi

Rachel A Chicchi

Asst Professor, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

792 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Hazem M. Elzarka

Hazem M. Elzarka

Professor, CEAS - Construction Management

765A Baldwin Hall


 Dr. Hazem Elzarka is a Professor at the College of Engineering and Applied Science, and Chair of the Construction Management Program at the University of Cincinnati, USA.  He also taught at the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management, College of Business, University of Denver. He is a registered professional engineer (PE) in the State of Ohio, a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP), a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), a Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM), a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) and a certified Green Building Engineer (GBE). He has consulted for major US and international construction firms.  His consulting/research work is in the areas of Green Buildings, applications of advanced computer technologies in the construction industry, and Total Quality Management.  His work related to Green Buildings has focused on construction waste management, commissioning, energy conservation, and renewable energy and LEED education.  Hundreds of industry professionals who have taken his LEED course have passed their LEED examinations the first time.  His work related to the applications of advanced technologies in the construction industry has focused on integrated design and management systems, computer-aided design, knowledge based systems, relational databases, and object-oriented methodologies. At Stone & Webster, He contributed to the development of a state of the art integrated 3D CAD system that is used to facilitate the flow of information between design, construction, and facility operations for major industrial projects.  At Fluor Daniel, he participated in the development of a client/server-based Plant Management System that simplifies day-to-day activities in maintenance, planning and scheduling, inventory control, and purchasing.   His work related to Total Quality Management has focused on business process improvement.  At Centex Rooney, he participated in the development of an online Standard Operating Policies Manual.  The Manual describes all Policies and Procedures used by Centex.   
His work has been published in refereed journals and conference proceedings sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers, The American Institute of Constructors, the Associated Schools of Construction, and the Construction Industry Institute.
Headshot of Sara Khoshnevisan

Sara Khoshnevisan

Asst Professor, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Jiaqi Ma

Jiaqi Ma

Asst Professor, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

795 Baldwin Hall


UC Next Mobility Lab:
Short Bio: Dr. Jiaqi Ma is the Director of Advanced Transportation Collaborative at the University of Cincinnati. Prior to that, he is a Project Manager and Research Scientist at the Federal Highway Administration Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, and a contractor researcher at the Virginia Transportation Research Council of the Virginia Department of Transportation (DOT).  He has led and managed many research projects worth of a total value of more than $ 6 million funded by U.S. DOT, NSF, state DOTs, covering a wide range areas of smart transportation systems, such as vehicle-highway automation, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), connected vehicles, shared mobility, and large-scale smart system modeling and simulation, travel behavior modeling and demand forecasting, and artificial intelligence and advanced computing applications in transportation. He is a Member of the Transportation Research Board Standing Committee on Vehicle-Highway Automation, and Co-Chair of IEEE ITS Society Technical Committee on Smart Cities and Smart Mobility.
Headshot of Munir  D.  Nazzal

Munir D. Nazzal

Professor, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

Baldwin Hall


Dr. Munir Nazzal is a Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Nazzal's research focuses on developing, evaluating, and implementing novel methods, technologies, and design approaches for achieving efficient, economic, environment-friendly transportation infrastructures. Dr. Nazzal has served as a principal investigator or co-principal investigator on more than 4 million dollars of research projects funded by different agencies. Dr. Nazzal has published more than 100 peer reviewed technical papers and reports. One of his papers was nominated for the TRB K. B. Wood award for best paper in design and construction. Dr. Nazzal is an associate editor for the ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer in Ohio and Louisiana.
Headshot of Hisham M Nofal

Hisham M Nofal

Assoc Professor - Visiting, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

820C Old Chemistry Building


Dr. Nofal has more than 18 years of experience as a consultant in the geotechnical engineering evaluation of slope stability and stabilization, bearing capacity of shallow and deep foundations, static and seismic settlement, seismic deformation of embankements and earth retaining structures.
Headshot of Bahram M. Shahrooz

Bahram M. Shahrooz

Professor, CEAS - Civil Eng

798 Rhodes Hall


Headshot of Heng Wei, Ph.D., P.E.

Heng Wei, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor, CEAS - Civil Eng

730 Engineering Research Cntr


Construction Management

Headshot of Abhijeet Deshpande

Abhijeet Deshpande

Program Director, CEAS - Construction Management

821D Old Chemistry Building


Headshot of Amanda Jean Albrecht

Amanda Jean Albrecht

Assistant Dean of Academics, CEAS - Advising

Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Jason Eric Mack

Jason Eric Mack

Asst Professor - Practice, CEAS - Construction Management

821E Old Chemistry Building




Assoc Professor - Educator, CEAS - Civil Eng

821B Old Chemistry Building



Headshot of  Mohammad Asghar

Mohammad Asghar

Senior Lab Associate

(513) 556-4371

Headshot of Kimberly Zimmerer

Kimberly Zimmerer

Sr. Academic Adviser

(513) 556-5337

Headshot of Star Higgins

Star Higgins

Financial Administrator

(513) 556-5131

Headshot of Jordan Kruse

Jordan Kruse

Business Manager

(513) 556-3114

Headshot of Rob McLeod

Rob McLeod

Program Coordinator

(513) 556-3648


Headshot of Herbert L Bill

Herbert L Bill

Emeritus, CEAS - Civil Eng

749 Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Daniel James Durbin

Daniel James Durbin

Professor - Emeritus, CEAS - Mech Eng and Materials Eng

747 Baldwin Hall


Headshot of George G Suckarieh

George G Suckarieh

Professor - Emeritus, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

747 Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Thomas M Baseheart

Thomas M Baseheart

Emeritus, CEAS - Civil Eng

765 Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Andrew Bodocsi

Andrew Bodocsi

Emeritus, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt


Headshot of Issam Minkarah

Issam Minkarah

Emeritus, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

791 Rhodes Hall


Adjunct Faculty

Headshot of George M. Armstrong

George M. Armstrong

Asst Professor - Adj, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

Engineering Research Cntr


Headshot of Stephen D Brown

Stephen D Brown

Asst Professor - Adj, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Thomas M. Burns

Thomas M. Burns

Asst Professor - Adj, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

Baldwin Hall


Headshot of John Buttelwerth

John Buttelwerth

Headshot of Mark T Costello

Mark T Costello

Instructor - Adj, CEAS - Department of CEAS

Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Christopher James Dutton

Christopher James Dutton

Instructor - Adj, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

Headshot of Daniel G Frondorf

Daniel G Frondorf

Headshot of Harold L. Glorius

Harold L. Glorius

Instructor - Adj, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt



Headshot of Nauman K Mysorewala

Nauman K Mysorewala

Asst Professor - Adj, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

Baldwin Hall


Headshot of James Sheanshang

James Sheanshang

Asst Professor - Adj, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Gregory L. Sizemore

Gregory L. Sizemore

Asst Professor - Adj, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

Baldwin Hall


Headshot of Marc Yemiola

Marc Yemiola

Asst Professor - Adj Ann, CEAS - Civil & Arch Eng & Const Mgmt

820D Old Chemistry Building