Deans Letters

Our partnership with Chongqing University was a natural fit—leveraging our facilities and resources to harness a superior engineering education for our students. UC-CEAS has a long-standing tradition of excellence and offers limitless opportunities in the engineering pedagogy. We invented cooperative education over 100 years ago, creating a transformative experience which fosters a sense of teamwork and achievement by our students. And so, most appropriately, JCI is the first institution in the US to form a joint venture with a Chinese university that exports cooperative education.

Our unique experiential learning, combined with the strongest possible engineering curriculum, cultivates students of outstanding value to industry, as witnessed by our near 100% job placement rate for graduates. Additionally, UC was just ranked #1 for ROI (Return on Investment) out of all Ohio public universities and for CEAS graduates, the ROI is even higher. CEAS students are financially sound at the outset as their starting salaries range from $53,800 to $97,900 and their post-graduation earnings surpass college expenses by more than 30 times. JCI students will experience this success in its entirety.

With assistance from the Program Coordinator, Dr. Sherry Liao, and CEAS staff, I am responsible for the UC-CEAS side of operations for JCI. I envision a future in which both CQU and UC students develop long-lasting friendships and networks of talented colleagues.

It is my strong belief that this alliance, under the guidance of Dr. Chen and myself, will successfully spur the cooperative idea of education in China and create a brighter future in this ever-increasingly "flat" world of ours.

This alliance brings together two renowned universities, both leaders in their respective countries. Students enrolled in JCI receive the best of both worlds: a top-notch engineering education with degrees from each institution plus industry experience. These two assets combine to make JCI students high-demand graduates.

The Chongqing University and the University of Cincinnati are both at the forefront of revolutionizing engineering education.  This joint venture allows our top students to earn real-world work experience and two degrees after their study, a winning combination that places them far ahead of others upon graduation.

The University of Cincinnati’s vision for optimizing student success aligns perfectly with that of Chongqing University and our continued tradition of excellence: In 1952, the nationwide restructuring of higher education turned Chongqing University into an engineering-orientated multi-disciplinary university under the State Ministry of Education.

In May 2000, to meet the needs of higher education development in the 21st century, and to further enhance the university's overall strength, Chongqing University merged with Chongqing Jianzhu University and Chongqing Architectural College, forming a new Chongqing University. The University has since continued its previous disciplinary advantage in mechanical and electrical engineering, energy, material science, information technology, bioengineering—and the merger upgraded the new Chongqing University's academic status in China in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and environmental studies.

Today, our University’s state-of-the-art labs and teaching facilities, innovative curriculum and training programs, and renowned faculty all fuse together, thus maintaining our prominent advantage in engineering disciplines.

I am pleased to partner with the University of Cincinnati as it is a highly regarded institution which mirrors our value of education quality and excellence. We look forward to guiding these bright young minds on their journey to become the future leaders of our society.Replace with your text